Nexus has its eye on antisocial behaviour

CCTV control room.
18 March 2010

This is the first phase of a £100,000 installation programme that forms part of the Nexus Bus Strategy, a three year action plan to improve bus services.

Nexus plans to install a further 60 cameras at bus shelters next year.

Whilst the cameras have only been installed less than a month, they have already helped capture a youth that caused £150 worth of damage

The 12 year old was caught with a stone trying to damage the perspex glass. After pictures from the CCTV were showed to local school children, he was bailed by local police.

The cameras have been installed with the support of Northumbria Police and local Community Safety Partnerships.

Cllr David Wood, chairman of the Tyne & Wear Integrated Transport Authority, said: “These CCTV cameras will help everyone within the region who has to use a bus to get to work, school or elsewhere in the region.

“The £100,000 programme is there to improve the public’s safety at bus shelters and, having caught an offender already, show that they are a success.”

Ken Kemp, Nexus Integrated Services Director, said: “Bus shelters are an important part of any neighbourhood and people who use them should have the confidence that they can wait safely.

“Nexus has installed more than 500 new and upgraded glass shelters in Tyne and Wear and installing cameras is the next step in making sure the whole bus journey is a comfortable and safe experience.”

The cameras are provided by Universal Systems Solutions (USS), a northeast-based company that specialise in bespoke security systems.

Kevin Bruce from USS said: “We are delighted to be working with Nexus on this project. It has given us the opportunity to demonstrate the capability of the latest technology high definition (HD) cameras.

“These digital cameras can also be viewed and monitored from multiple locations over the 3G network.”

The shelters to receive the first cameras are those with some history of anti-social behaviour and vandalism, such as vandals breaking glass or damaging timetables.

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