Nexus to improve facilities at Heworth Interchange

20 August 2012

Work starts this week on a £200,000 project by Nexus to improve facilities for bus passengers at Heworth Interchange.

The project will see bus shelters replaced and upgraded, with environmentally-friendly LED lighting and better seating installed between August and November.

The project, funded from the Government’s Better Bus Area Fund, will tie in with improvements Nexus is already making within the Metro station at Heworth, used by more than three million passengers a year.

Tobyn Hughes, Director of Customer Services at Nexus, said: “The new bus shelters are part of improvements we are making right through Heworth interchange. This shows our commitment to improve the journey for bus passengers.

“Passengers will see only minor inconvenience as buses are moved around within the interchange to accommodate the works.”

Within the Metro station new lifts are being installed down to platforms, as well as new ticket machines and a gate line, as part of the £385m Metro: all change modernisation programme.

This will improve security and pave the way for Pop card smart ticket travel in 2013.

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