Pupils showcase artwork at new Metro depot in North Tyneside

Pupils art banner at Howdon Depot site
16 June 2020

School kids have got the chance to showcase their artwork at the Tyne and Wear Metro’s new train depot in North Tyneside.

Year Six pupils from Percy Main Primary School came up with a series of safety posters which have been put on display on a large banner at the gates of the new temporary train depot at Howdon.

Nexus, the public body which owns and manages Metro, has been working with the school to promote safety due to Howdon depot’s proximity to the school and to local homes.

Community Relations Officer at Nexus, Rebecca Ditchburn, said: “The work we are doing with schools is vital to get that safety message across. An art project way is a great way of doing that and it gives the kids a chance to see their work put on display 

“It was important to engage with the local community in order to promote safety ahead of the new Metro depot opening at Howdon.”

Tom Bates, Year 6 teacher at Percy Main Primary School, said: “This project was a fantastic opportunity to increase awareness and understanding of safety when using Metro but also a great way to explore the history of such a valuable local resource.

“Seeing their artwork presented like this in the local community is sure to build self-esteem and a sense of pride. What more could you ask for during such a difficult period of our lives.”

The temporary depot, which is to be located on a former landfill site in Howdon, will be used as a maintenance facility for the some of the current Metro fleet while the main Metro depot in Gosforth in Newcastle is rebuilt.

Nexus will transition into this new depot up to 2024, when all 42 of the new trains will have arrived.

The Howdon depot, which will open this summer, will be used for the overnight stabling, cleaning and preparation of up to ten Metro trains during the redevelopment of Metro’s main Gosforth depot.

Buckingham Group Contracting Ltd is building the temporary Metro depot on behalf of Nexus.

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