Shields Ferry service to remain suspended for up to a month

The Shields Ferry
11 November 2019

The Shields Ferry is to remain closed for up to a month due to storm damage on its North landing.

Nexus, the public body which owns operates the cross-Tyne service, says that accelerated structural damage to the North Shields jetty requires urgent repairs.

The ferry service will need to remain suspended during this time, a period of up to one month, in the interests of safety.

A half hourly replacement bus services that operates via Tyne Tunnel is being provided to passengers while the ferry service remains suspended.

Customer Services Director at Nexus, Huw Lewis, said: “Significant storm damage has been found on our North Shields landing. We will need to keep the ferry closed for up to a month while we carry out urgent repairs.

“The damage to the structure of the jetty has been accelerated by bad weather. It needs to remain closed to the public as a safety precaution until these extensive repair works are completed.

“We are providing a frequent replacement bus service via Tyne Tunnel so that passengers can make their journeys with as little disruption as possible until we can re-open the ferry.”

The replacement buses run on the hour and on the half hour from each ferry landing.

These are the same as the normal ferry times from North Shields, but are not the same as the normal ferry times from South Shields.

This is because the replacement bus service takes longer than the ferry to travel between the two landings.

The buses operate between South Shields ferry landing and North Shields landing via the Tyne Tunnel. 

From South Shields the buses depart from the bus stop on Ferry Street, outside the BT building

From North Shields the buses depart from the bus stop on North Quay at the end of the ferry landing. It will also stop on request at the bus stop at the top of Borough Road.

Passengers are advised to keep any eye on the Nexus website, and the ferry’s Facebook page


Shields Ferry is suspended for up to a month

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