Sky News features key workers at Nexus

Sky News team at Haymarket Metro station
13 May 2020

Key workers at Nexus are set appear in a special report on Sky News about life on the frontline during the pandemic.

The report – 24 hours on Tyneside – will show Metro and Shields Ferry staff at work, lifting the lid on what key workers face amid the Covid-19 crisis. It will air this Friday, 15 May. 

Sky News filmed across a whole day, covering the Shields Ferry and Metro staff, key workers in the NHS at Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary, and local authority street cleaners.

Shields Ferry Skipper Chris McGuinness kicked off the filming at 7am on Tuesday May 12 on the first Tyne crossing of the day. He was asked about how life had changed on the cross-Tyne service after more than 50 days of lockdown.

Sky then returned in the evening to see at first-hand how Metro frontline staff are coping with the ‘new normal’, with social distancing measures in place, vastly reduced passenger numbers and the wearing of face coverings on public transport now introduced.

They got the chance to interview a Metro driver, Craig Pearson, on a journey from South Gosforth to Airport.

And they then moved on to a deserted Haymarket Metro station to speak to Customer Service staffers Steve and Lauren Shipley – a father and daughter team wo manage the gatelines, stations and passenger flows.

Communications Officer, David Punton, said: “Sky News have done a very in-depth report about life on the frontline amid the coronavirus crisis and our key workers have played a big part in that.

“The filming happened across a single day on Tuesday May 12 and will really give viewers the chance to see the challenges staff face and some of the fears they have about working at the time of national emergency. 

“It will also show the steps that Nexus has taken already to make sure staff are kept safe and that our transport network meets the Government’s Covid secure standard.

“My thanks go to all the staff who agreed to take part in the film and for all the help that a whole range of staff gave to Sky News in making it happen.”


Sky News correspondent Tom Parmenter

Sky News report: 24 hours on Tyneside

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