Sunderland station gets an escalator.

Sunderland escalator.
1 December 2008

Sunderland escalator.Sunderland’s city centre railway station has its first ever escalator – thanks to Nexus.

The new escalator was in use for the first time on Monday, December 4, giving passengers an easier route up to street level.

Nexus installed the escalator as part of a £6.9 million refurbishment of the 129-year-old station that it is funding.

Further refurbishment will see new ceilings, walls, floors and lighting put in to transform the platform areas, with work due to continue into early 2010.

Sunderland station is owned by Network Rail and managed by Northern. It is used by three operators – Tyne and Wear Metro, Northern and Grand Central.

Nexus, which owns, manages and is modernising Metro, is investing the money to improve travel for all users, including around 1.5 million Metro passengers every year.

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