Travel by Metro can save you £5 a day, new figures show

6 November 2009

Switching from car to Metro could save the average commuter more than £5 a day – or more than £1,000 a year.

The shock figures calculated for the Tyne and Wear Metro show the full cost of driving to work in town and city centres.

It comes after research showed more motorists are counting the cost of the commute due to high fuel prices and the impact of the credit crunch on family budgets.

A stark new advertising campaign will point out the difference to motorists with posters on roadside bus shelters along some of the key routes into Newcastle and Sunderland.

Metro Director Mick Carbro said: “The stark message from our research is that Metro won’t just save you pennies - it will save you pounds every day when compared to commuting by car.

“More people are making the switch and saving more than £5 a day or £1,000 a year – enough for a foreign holiday.

“Because Metro is frequent, reliable and beats the traffic it is often the quickest way to work for people living near stations, as well as being excellent value for money.”

The research for Metro calculates the cost of driving eight miles to work and back 225 days a year in terms of petrol, parking charges and wear and tear on an average car.

This works out at £1,611 per year or £7.16 per working day compared to a £450 annual MetroSaver pass, which is just £2 per day.

Last year in Tyne and Wear rising fuel prices accounted for more than one million extra journeys on public transport by working-age adults, according to Nexus analysis.

Adult fare-paying journeys were up to 12% higher than the year before as prices rose.

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