Tyne and Wear Metro gets a new £4.2m CCTV system

A Metro cube
6 May 2021

A new generation of advanced CCTV has been installed on Metro as part of a £4.2m revamp of security cameras on the network.

The new cameras – 740 in total – have gone in at all 60 stations on the Metro system. They offer state-of-the-art picture quality which make it easier to pinpoint troublemakers and provide crystal clear footage to support police investigations.

Nexus, the public body which owns and manages Metro, said the new technology was vital to provide greater customer reassurance as lockdown eases and more people start travelling. 

Director of Finance and Resources at Nexus, John Fenwick, said: “Through our modernisation programme we have invested £4.2m in a new CCTV system, providing the Metro with some of the most advanced, high-resolution cameras that are currently available.

“Good quality CCTV is vital to reassure our customers, who are gradually starting to return in greater numbers now that lockdown is lifting. 

“The cameras deliver a step change in quality in terms of the clarity of the images that they can record.

“CCTV plays a vital role in deterring crime on the Metro, and where incidents have occurred it has allowed us to download footage to assist the police in gathering evidence and supporting prosecutions.

“These cameras are there to support our staff and customers and supplement the work that our frontline customer support teams are doing alongside the police to keep Metro safe and secure. 

“Overall crime on Metro remains low but we continue to work every day with the police to deal with low level anti-social behaviour. The message is very clear - anyone who commits an offence on Metro will be caught on camera.”

Sgt Tim Hand, of Northumbria Police, said: “We work closely with Nexus every single day to help ensure Metro remains a safe and enjoyable experience for passengers and staff. 

“These new CCTV cameras can only help with that, giving us a clearer picture of the minority who do decide to commit crime and allowing us to swiftly deal with pockets of disorder.

“We would like to thank the overwhelming majority who continue to behave responsibly and considerately across the network. 

“Anybody who sees people committing anti-social behaviour or any other criminality across the Metro network are asked to report it via 101 or by speaking to a Nexus employee.”

The project is the biggest upgrade to the Metro’s CCTV network for 20 years and comes into place ahead of the new train fleet which will also have advanced camera technology on board.

Each camera provides staff in the Metro Control Room with sharper, higher resolution images which are less grainy. The project includes 105 new pan, tilt and zoom cameras, which are capable of zooming in even closer when operators need to.

The investment in the new CCTV forms part of the ongoing £370m Metro: all change modernisation programme, an on-going Government funded scheme to modernise the Tyne and Wear Metro with new-look stations, refurbished trains, and new infrastructure including tracks, signals and overhead lines.

The programme began in 2010 and since then £351m has been invested in new infrastructure.

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