Warning for passengers who hold open Metro train doors

metro on a bridge
11 January 2012

Metro is urging passengers to remember it is a safety issue and breach of Metro regulations for members of the public to hold open the doors of a Metro train.

The issue of holding the doors open is a persistent issue for Metro as a small minority of passengers believe it is acceptable behaviour.

This behaviour is not only detrimental to Metro service, as the network is operated to a strict timetable and such behaviour can cause delays, but it is also a safety concern for passengers and has caused significant damage to Metro trains.

Metro will issue compensation orders against passengers who purposefully hold train doors open as this creates repair costs.

Richard McClean, Managing Director of Metro Operator DB Regio, said: “Holding open the doors on a Metro train is a serious issue and Metro will not accept any activity which compromises passenger safety and disrupts service.

“This behaviour has a direct impact on passengers and their experience on Metro. We think is it fair for anyone who does this to be held responsible for their actions.”

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