Watch: Dean of Newcastle's special message of thanks for public transport staff

Dean of Newcastle, The Very Revd Geoff Miller
9 April 2020

Tyneside’s most senior clergyman has sent a special message of thanks to transport workers who are keeping the region moving during the lockdown.

The Dean of Newcastle, The Very Revd Geoff Miller, has recorded a video message for frontline workers who will be on duty on local transport networks over the Easter weekend.

Scores of bus, Metro, rail, and ferry staff continue to work during the coronavirus lockdown to deliver the essential public transport services, which other key workers need to get around, including many local NHS employees.

Revd Miller said: “I'm really grateful to be given this chance to wish you well, and most especially, on behalf of us all, to thank you.  To thank transport workers, who on buses, Metros and ferries, keep things moving, even at times like these.  

“No longer half asleep in the morning while I in future catching a train, without calling to mind so many behind the scenes who make this happen.  

“Please be assured, you are in our thoughts, and if you'll let me, I'd like to send you a message of gratitude, and offer a prayer for God's gracious blessing, on you and your families.  And soon, I hope to be topping up my Pop card, and minding the step.”


The Dean of Newcastle, Geoff Miller

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