Watch: New film puts £3m Metro bridge replacement scheme in the frame

The lift in of the new Tanners Bank Metro bridge
30 November 2022

A new film has been released showcasing the £3m project to replace Tanners Bank Metro bridge in North Tyneside.

The film was produced by Taziker, the specialist civil engineering company which carried out the scheme on behalf of Metro operator Nexus in the summer. 

The footage combines interviews with stunning footage of the bridge replacement work that was filmed using drone, go pro and timelapse and digital SLR cameras. 

This includes amazing shots of the big lift in of the new bridge decks on July 30 using a 750-tonne crane. 

As well as renewing the 160-year-old bridge, which had required increasing levels of maintenance and repair, the Tanners Bank project has improved the height clearance allowing for better bus links and road freight access to North Shields Fish Quay, encouraging more sustainable travel and improving servicing access for local businesses.

The project, funded through a £2.7m grant from the Department for Transport’s Highways Challenge Fund, £300,000 from the Metro Asset Renewal Programme, and £103,000 from North Tyneside Council, has created more clearance beneath the bridge to allow large HGVs and double decker buses to get to and from the fish quay.
Nexus needed replace Tanners Bank bridge due to its age.

The previous bridge dated back to the Victorian era, on a line opened in 1839 and is said to have been the world’s first commuter railway line.


Tanner Bank bridge renewal - film from Taziker

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