The bus strategy

Improving bus travel in Tyne and Wear
Buses are a vital public service with a major role to play in the way people go about their daily life.  As with all public services, efficient and affordable delivery is paramount.  However, with patronage declining, car use increasing and pressure on public spending, action is needed to ensure we retain a sustainable and attractive bus network for the future.

The North East Combined Authority has adopted a Bus Strategy aimed at achieving this, with three strategic aims; to arrest the decline in bus patronage; to maintain (and preferably grow) network accessibility, and to deliver better value for public money. You can read the complete strategy here.

Nexus has been asked to examine the respective merits of new ways of planning and providing bus services in Tyne and Wear, as an alternative to the current unregulated free market.  These include the potential for a voluntary partnership between local authiorities and bus companies, and a public franchise system.