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No matter where you are going you can save as you go with Pop Pay As You Go (PAYG). 

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Why choose Pop PAYG?

Now is the time to get a Pop PAYG card. 

Compared to buying paper tickets Pop PAYG saves you up to £1.05 on Single Tickets and up to £1.35 on Day Tickets.

Just top up your Pop PAYG card and then touch in and out to pay for your journeys as you make them. We'll calculate the cheapest fare for your journey. Pop PAYG will save you time and money and is a much smarter way to travel on Metro. 

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Savings on Metro with Pop PAYG

Prices from 1 April 2023 

Zone(s)PAYG SinglePaper Single TicketSaving with PAYGPAYG Daily CapPaper Day TicketSaving with PAYG
1 zone£1.65£2.6095p£2.75£4.10£1.35
2 zones£2.55£3.60£1.05£3.85£5.20£1.35
All zones£3.25£4.30£1.05£4.85£6.20£1.35


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