School safety education

Children are our future passengers.  We are committed to educating young people about public transport and safety issues.

We employ a Youth Liaison Officer whose role is to engage with educational institutions and community groups in a pro-active manner to help reduce anti-social behaviour and promote the use of public transport.

Key duties include developing and implementing:

  • A strategy for Nexus’s involvement in schools and community groups;
  • Crime prevention initiatives and campaigns for young people; and
  • A strategy to reduce anti-social behaviour caused by young people on Metro.

Safety sessions cover a wide range of topics related to public transport safety and awareness.  Sessions are tailored to suit the age group and are therefore suitable for both primary and secondary schools.  Visits are flexible and can fit into any time you have available and can make reference to particular topics of interest.  Sessions include the use of an Interactive Smartboard Programme (through, DVD, PowerPoint, Life Size Games and various other activities.

Our Youth Liaison Officer also works at SafetyWorks, an interactive safety centre in West Newcastle.  The centre is used for school safety training events and the delivery of key safety and security messages.

If you would like to find out more or to book a visit, please contact the Youth Liaison Officer.

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