Student Metro Season Ticket

    Valid on:


ZoneFour Weeks
Inner Newcastle£34.10 (From 1st April 2024)£380.50(From 1st April 2024)
Inner Sunderland£34.10 (From 1st April 2024)£380.50(From 1st April 2024)
All Zones£66.50 (From 1st April 2024)£497.00 (From 1st April 2024)

The Student Metro Season Ticket can be used all day and is available in three different zones. Download the map at the bottom of the page and choose which one best suits your needs:

• All zones
• Inner Newcastle
• Inner Sunderland

An All zones ticket is also valid on the Shields Ferry and local rail services between Newcastle and Sunderland*. A Student Metro Season Ticket which includes Inner Newcastle can also be used on Quaylink buses in the Quaylink Central Zone**.

You can decide whether to go for an annual ticket or keep it short and sweet with a four weekly one.

*** You need a special ticket to accompany your smartcard to travel between Newcastle and Sunderland on Northern Rail. If you need a ticket, please contact Customer Relations on 0191 20 20 747.

**Central Zone covers Q3 between Haymarket Bus Station and St Peter's Basin.


How to buy a Student Metro Season Ticket

You can now apply for a Student Metro Season Ticket online.

Apply for your FREE Pop card online.

Your Pop card will take about five working days to arrive in the post and will be ready to use once received.

Once you have your Pop Card, you can renew your ticket:

1.  Online                         
2.  At any Metro station ticket machine. Watch the how-to guide here.

Please note lost and stolen tickets are non-refundable except for annual tickets as covered by the replacement scheme. Replacement tickets are non-refundable. Conditions of use apply.


To view ticket terms and conditions click here.


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