Tall ships

Sunderland welcome the world famous Tall Ships Races 11-14 July 2018.  A colourful four day festival of culture and entertainment will descend across the city, before the ships set sail in a spectacular style to compete in the first leg of the Tall Ships Races 2018.

All of the Tall Ships Races events are located near or in walking distance to a Metro station. We want you to have a great time, so we've put some information together to make your travelling on Metro easy.

What's the best way to get to the Tall Ships Races event?

Metro will take you right to the heart of the Tall Ships event, with a least six trains an hour to and from Sunderland.

Are there extra Metro services for the Tall Ships event?

Yes. We will be running extra trains to cope with the crowds we expect. But do leave plenty of time because trains and stations will be very busy and you want to enjoy the day.

Can we Park and Ride with Metro?

Yes. There are big car parks at Callerton Parkway, Kingston Park, Four Lane Ends, Northumberland Park and Heworth. Car Parking starts from only £1 a day, and will stay open until after the last train has run. It's a lot easier than driving into the city centre and finding somewhere to park.

Which Metro stations are best to use?

St Peter's and Sunderland stations are a short walk from the two main event sites. On Saturday Seaburn is a gateway to the seafront and beaches from where you will get great views of the Parade of Sail. Staff at each station will point you in the right direction.

When is the best time to travel?

Metro run from early to late so you can play your trip easily - but trains between 4pm and 6pm weekdays will be busier with commuters so try to avoid travelling at these times if possible.

What's the best Metro ticket to purchase?

Tall Ships wristband tickets are on sale at https://www.sales.nexus.org.uk/tall-ships-wristbands-1.

Alternatively, save time, buy a Day Ticket from a Metro station ticket machine for just £3.00-£5.10 depending on which station you board, or £1.30 Day Ticket for children aged 16 and under. You can use the same ticket all day which means you won't need to queue up at Metro ticket machines after the event (however you will need to queue before boarding a train). Find out more about tickets using our ticket finder.

Will Metro stations and trains be busy during the event?

Yes - we expect there to be queues to enter stations at certain times, particularly when people are leaving events each evening. We'll have staff at stations to manage queues and make sure everyone is looked after. Listen for station announcements and guidance from our staff.

Will there be later Metro services after the events?

No, trains will not be running later than normal, as events are scheduled to finish in good time for visitors to get home by Metro.

How do I keep in touch with all the latest Metro travel updates?

All the live Metro updates will be on our Twitter page: @My_Metro and our official Tyne and Wear Metro app. To plan your journey you can use the Live Travel Map.

Where can I find out details about the Tall Ships event?

Visit https://www.tallshipssunderland.com/ for more information about the event.