Junior blue

Junior blue

What’s Junior blue?

Junior blue is the smart new way for young people aged 15 and under to pay for public transport in North East England.

Simply top up your Junior blue card and use it to pay for your journeys as you make them.

Where can I get a Junior blue card?

Get your Junior blue card online here. The card itself is free but must be purchased with a £5 balance.

Where can I top up my Junior blue card?

  • Online here. Then load your purchase onto your Junior blue card at a Metro station validator, gate or ticket machine.
  •  At any Metro station ticket machine

Will I need to prove how old I am when I travel?

You may be asked for proof of age when travelling on Metro or the Shields Ferry with a Junior blue card; here's what we'll accept as ID:

  •  ID card with the PASS hologram
  •  Under 16 Pop card
  •  Passport or birth certificate (can be a photo)

Find out more about Pop blue in our Junior blue FAQs.

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