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What is Pop Pay As You Go?

Pop Pay As You Go (PAYG) is the smart way to pay for public transport in North East England.
Simply top up your Pop PAYG card and use it to pay for your journeys as you make them.

Where can I get a Pop PAYG card?

Get your Pop PAYG card online here. The Pop PAYG card itself is free, but you must buy it with a £5 balance.

If you've been given or sent a Pop PAYG card as part of a promotion, to protect your balance and be able to top it up online, register it here by clicking on the 'Register an existing card' button. 

Where can I use my Pop PAYG card?

You can use Pop PAYG on Metro, on almost all buses in Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, County Durham and the Tees Valley, and on the Shields Ferry.

Pop PAYG works differently on Metro, bus and ferry. See below for more details.

  • On Metro - pay for your trip by touching in at the Metro station validator or gate at the start of your journey and touching out at the end. You’ll only pay for the journey you have made and we’ll calculate the best fare for you.
  • On buses - pay for single, return and day tickets from the driver using your Pop PAYG balance.
  • On the Shields Ferry - single and day tickets are cheaper if you buy them from the ferry operator using your Pop PAYG balance.

How do I top up my Pop PAYG card?

Top up online and load your purchase onto your card at a Metro station validator, gate or ticket machine.

You can also load your purchase onto your card on these bus services: Durham Park & Ride; Stanley Travel's 40, 40A, 40B; Local Link services in Redcar and Cleveland.

Or top up at Metro station ticket machines.

Find out more here.




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