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PAYG on Metro

Pop Pay As You Go (PAYG) is the smart and exciting way to pay for public transport in North East England. Simply top up your Pop PAYG card and pay for your journeys as you make them.


Zone(s) Single Daily cap
One zone £1.50 £2.60
Two zones £2.40 £3.70
All zones £3.10 £4.70


Metro Day Ticket

Day tickets allow unlimited travel on various forms of transport. Prices vary depending on the how many zones you're travelling in.


Zone(s) Price
One Zone £3.00
Two Zones £4.10
All Zones £5.10


Metro Single

Single tickets are valid on Metro, Shields Ferry* and on local rail services between Newcastle and Sunderland.


Zone(s) Price
One Zone £1.80
Two Zones £2.70
All Zones £3.40


Metro Season Ticket

If you commute or travel on Metro regularly then a Metro Season Ticket is for you.


Zones One Week Four Weeks Annual
One Zone £10.80 £37.90 £419.00 ♦
Two Zones £16.00 £55.70 £585.00 ♦
All Zones £21.70 £73.70 £647.00


Network One Travel Ticket

If you're travelling regularly on Metro and bus, or using buses run by different operators, save money with a Network One Travel Ticket.

Student Metro Season Ticket

Student Metro Season Tickets are available to students with a valid Student ID card and gives you 30% discount off an adult season ticket.

Pop blue

If you're aged 18 or under Pop blue is the brand new way to pay for your Metro travel. A Pop blue card gives you special discounted fares on Metro that are much cheaper than buying adult Single or Day Tickets.

  Single All day
All zones £1 £2


18 and Under Metro Season Ticket

Save money with an 18 and under Metro Season Ticket


Zones One Week Four weeks
All Zones £7.70 £29.00

Network One Student and Young People Ticket

Young people aged under 19 and full-time students can save loads of money with a Network One Student Ticket.

Corporate Metro Season Ticket

With our Corporate Metro Season Ticket your staff get unlimited Metro travel from £10.46 a week*. There's no minimum purchase and the best part is it won't cost you a penny. All you have to do is buy discounted all zones annual Metro Season Tickets for your staff, then recover the costs over the year from their salary.

*based on an annual ticket


Number of tickets Price Per ticket
1-19 £554.00
20-39 £549.00
40+ £544.00

Metro Business Pass

With a Metro Business Pass staff can travel anywhere on the Metro system between the hours of 9.30am and 5.00pm, Monday-Friday.

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Adult Transfare

You can buy a Transfare ticket when your journey includes travelling on more than one type of transport in Tyne and Wear, eg Metro and bus, or bus and ferry.

Network One Day Rover (Adult)

This adult ticket offers one day's unlimited travel within Tyne and Wear.

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Metro Gold Card

Unlimited travel on Metro, the Shields Ferry and Northern Rail services between Newcastle and Sunderland from 9.30am Monday-Friday, all day at weekends, on public holidays and throughout July and August with a Metro Gold Card.


Zone Price
Live in Tyne and Wear £12 a year
Live outside Tyne and Wear £24 a year

Under 16 Child All-day Ticket (U16 CAT)

Children with an Under 16 Pop card can travel on public transport in Tyne and Wear for just £1.10 a day with an Under 16 Child All-day Ticket (U16 CAT).

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Metro Child Day Ticket

Unlimited travel on Metro for under 16s.

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Metro Child single

Children with an Under 16 Pop card can travel for the concessionary child single fare of 60p.

Children aged 5-15 who don't have an Under 16 Pop card travel for the commercial child single fare of 80p.

You may be asked for proof of age.

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Child Transfare

Buy a Transfare ticket when you want to travel on two types of transport to make your journey in Tyne and Wear - if you don't have an Under 16 Pop card.

Network One Junior Rover

A Junior Rover ticket gives one day's unlimited travel within Tyne and Wear.

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Metro Class and Youth Group Metro pass

The Class and Youth Group Metro Pass is valid for up to 40 students aged 18 and under and up to 10 accompanying adults travelling in a group. You must be travelling in a group and after 9.00am.


Number of passes Per day Per term Annual
One £32.10 £97.40 £250.60
Two £50.70 £160.60 £444.50


Child Season Ticket

School Passes allow you to pay for school journeys in advance so there is no need to find change for fares every day.

Companion Card

A Companion Card lets you take someone with you free of charge when you travel on buses in Tyne and Wear, County Durham, Northumberland and Darlington.

Explorer North East Child

Valid for children (aged 15 and under) at a concessionary price and offers a whole day's unlimited travel in Tyne and Wear and beyond.

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Explorer North East Family

Explorer North East family ticket is valid for a family of one or two adults and up to three children (aged 15 and under) for a whole day's unlimited travel in Tyne and Wear and beyond.

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Explorer North East (Adult)

Offers a whole day's unlimited travel in Tyne and Wear and beyond.

Full details

Children under five

Accompanied children aged under five travel free on all public transport in Tyne and Wear.

Bridge Card

Nexus, in partnership with bus operators and the 5 local authorities in Tyne and Wear are introducing the Bridge Card to anyone who may need additional support whilst travelling.

Add on ticket

This ticket allows you to add a different zone(s) to your Metro Season Ticket or Student Season Ticket for one day. Ideal if you wish to travel beyond the validity of your ticket.


Zone(s) Price
One Zone £3.00
Two Zones £4.10
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