Anti-social behaviour: not big, not clever, not here

Antisocial behaviour in person, online or on the phone will not be tolerated

Nexus does not tolerate antisocial behaviour in person, online or on the phone. 

Whether it's abusing or threatening our team members, vaping or smoking, or vandalism or graffiti - it's not big, not clever and we won't tolerate it. 

We're introducing a new text number to discreetly report behaviour that doesn't require a police response. 

Text REPORTIT to 66777

Texts charged at your standard network rate. 

Report it to sort it. 

What is Nexus doing ...

We are determined to ensure that Metro is a safe and secure environment for our customers to travel on and our teams to work in. We have already invested hugely in policing, extra security and new CCTV cameras as well as working regularly with the Police and Crime Commissioner. 

This new reporting system supports the £1.3m already invested in a dedicated security team who patrol on the majority of trains on the network. 

Nexus has previously invested in body worn CCTV for its frontline staff and improved digital CCTV cameras on Metro, as well as annually spending £1.2m on a dedicated Northumbria Police Metro police unit.

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A new and more efficient system for customers to make reports directly to the Metro control room by discreetly sending a text message from a mobile phone is up and running. 

For any incidents on Metro trains or in Metro stations, customers can ‘report it, to sort it’ by discreetly texting REPORTIT to 66777 followed by details of the anti-social behaviour they are reporting, from people refusing to take their feet off the seats to vaping, graffiti and vandalism. 

Here's the information to include in your text:
•    Location of the train or station 
•    Destination of the train or place within the station (eg platform) 
•    Date and time of the incident 
•    A detailed description of the individuals involved and an outline of their behaviour.

In the event of an emergency people should still dial 999, and dial 101 for non-emergency situations that require the police to attend straight away. 

Customers who prefer to make a phone call instead of sending a text to report anti-social behaviour should call 0191 203 3666.

The system sends an alert directly to a screen on the customer service desk at Metro’s South Gosforth control room, from where the appropriate action can be taken swiftly, and security staff deployed where required. 

All reports will be logged and, where appropriate, action will be taken in the form of:
-    Notifying drivers of any incidents on their train
-    Notifying the security team on trains and in stations
-    In station PA announcements

If reports come in that aren’t related to anti-social behaviour on Metro, they will be forwarded to elsewhere in the organisation.

Metro's Conditions of Carriage detail your rights and obligations as a passenger.  

Byelaws are in place to ensure ease of travel and safety on Metro and need to be observed by everyone. 

Conditions of Carriage and Byelaws |

And read about our investments in safety and security on Metro here: Safety on Metro |

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