North Shields TravelShop

***TravelShop update***

All of our TravelShops are closed until further notice. TravelShop staff are now assisting at bus and Metro stations to stop them becoming too busy. 

Click here for the latest information on some of the products and services that TravelShops would normally provide,




Where are we?

North Shields Metro station

Opening hours

Closed/Lunch13:30 to14:30

What tickets we sell

National Express tickets (not Scottish City Link)
Network One Traveltickets (1 week, 4 week and annual)
Network One Student Tickets
Metro Season Tickets
Shields Ferry carnet tickets (book of 10 tickets)

What you can book

National Holidays
JH Coaches - day trips, holidays and Blackpool Express
Voyager day trips

TravelShop accessibility

The shop is located at the right-hand side of the entrance to North Shields Metro station.  See map.

It has step free level access with an automatic door making it easily accessible for wheelchair-users.  And inside there is a low counter.  Information leaflets are displayed at low height for easy access.

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