South Shields TravelShop

Where are we?

34-36 Fowler Street, South Shields

Opening hours 

Closed/Lunch12:00 to12:30 except Friday

What tickets we sell

Network One Traveltickets (1 week and 4 week)
Network One Student Tickets
Metro Student Cards
Seasonal promotional tickets
Shields Ferry carnet tickets (book of 10 tickets)

What you can buy

Passport-sized photographs*

What you can book

National Express - tickets, holidays and products (not Scottish City Link)
National Holidays
Shearings Holidays
Voyager day trips
Classic Coaches - day trips, holidays and Blackpool Express
Shields Ferry Afternoon River Trips - these run seasonally, or on an as and when basis

*Suitable for official use eg passport/driving licence

TravelShop accessibility

Located at street level on Fowler Street, the shop is just a few metres away from the Metro and Keppel Street bus station.  See map.

It can be accessed via a ramped entrance with manual doors.  Some wheelchair users may find the absence of automatic doors problematic.  

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