South Shields TravelShop

Where are we?

South Shields Interchange concourse

Opening hours 

Closed/Lunch12:00 to12:30 except Friday

What tickets we sell

Network One Traveltickets (1 week and 4 week)
Network One Student Tickets
Metro Student Cards
Seasonal promotional tickets
Shields Ferry carnet tickets (book of 10 tickets)

What you can book

National Express - tickets and products (not Scottish City Link)
National Holidays
Voyager day trips
J H Coaches - day trips, holidays and Blackpool Express

*Suitable for official use eg passport/driving licence

TravelShop accessibility

The TravelShop is located on the ground floor bus concourse area inside South Shields Interchange.

It is one floor below the Metro station, accessible by lift, escalator and stairs.

There is step free access from Keppel Street via the main entrance to the interchange, through automatic doors.

There is also step free access from the car park at the end of Burrow Street, via the station's secondary entrance, using a ramped access through automatic doors.

The TravelShop window is wheelchair-friendly with a low counter, induction loop and intercoms.

See map.


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