Corporate Business Plan

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Our Corporate Plan for 2020/21 provides the framework for us to deliver our services and prepare for the future during what will be an important period of change. The Plan has three key themes, derived from the objectives set for us by the North East Combined Authority:

•        Deliver public transport today;
•        Prepare for the future; and
•        Focus on organisational effectiveness.

Our key priorities are to:

  1. Procure a new fleet of trains and their ongoing maintenance requirements, including the letting of a depot construction contract in order to provide maintenance facilities, for the Tyne and Wear Metro.
  2. Build on the smooth and successful transition of Metro service delivery in 2017 by improving our customers’ journey experience.
  3. Introduce a more affordable and sustainable fares offer for Under 19s.
  4. Advance the successful programme to modernise the Metro with track renewal in Gateshead and South Tyneside, finalise the new digital radio and rail traffic management systems (RTMS), and continue replacement of overhead power lines and construction of South Shields’ transport interchange.
  5. Construct a new training and maintenance centre in South Shields helping to improve operations and make Nexus an employer of choice.
  6. Develop proposals for further devolution of the Northern Rail franchise while ensuring partners’ aspirations for rail are embedded in Transport for the North’s (TfN) long term rail strategy.
  7. Develop plans to expand Metro and local rail services.
  8. Implement change and pursue continuous improvement, aimed at ensuring Nexus provides value for money in everything we do.
  9. Protect levy funded frontline services.
  10. Develop plans to improve the local bus network.
  11. Deliver technological improvements for the benefit of our customers and the wider use of public transport.
  12. Work with the Authorities involved to facilitate arrangements needed to reflect changes in local political governance structures.

Nexus’ Corporate Plan is attached for information.

A new plan is prepared annually as part of our service planning and budget setting process.

If you would prefer to have a copy of the document in large print or in a different format or language, please call 0191 20 20 747 or get in touch here.


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