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- (approx) October 2021: Routes 79A & TB20 – Avenue Vivian/Lambton Lane/Rose Avenue, Fence Houses

Avenue Vivian at Fence Houses will be closed between Lambton Lane and Rose Avenue from Wednesday 13 May 2020 for approximately 18 months.  The long-term closure is to allow construction and drainage works.
Nexus Services 79A (Go North East) and TB20 (Station Taxis) will divert from Station Avenue via Rose Avenue to Avenue Vivian, omitting Station Avenue North (28047) and Lambton Lane 28952.
Passengers should use Avenue Vivian or Station Avenue at Durham Street/St John’s Church.



- Bus route changes – Vine Place and Holmeside, Sunderland

Sunderland City Council have advised that, in line with police requirements, changes to routes and stops will be necessary in order to implement social distancing measures on Vine Place and Holmeside and will apply from 6pm on Friday 12th June.

Eastbound Closure of Vine Place and Holmeside
The eastbound stops (24S27/24S28/24S29) will be suspended with buses diverted via Stockton Road (temp stop near Age Concern) and Burdon Road re-joining normal routes and stops at Borough Road/Fawcett Street. 

Westbound stops relocated
Westbound, the two stops outside the market entrance will be suspended and services relocated to temporary stops west of Crowtree Road (near Hayes Travel/Aphrodite). 
Services from 24S24 (2, 2A, 8, 16, 39, 39A, 136, X24, x24A) will observe Temporary Stop A
Services from 24S40 (10, 11, 20, 700, 702) will observe Temporary Stop B



- Covid-19 Social Distancing Measures – Houghton le Spring

Sunderland City Council have advised that, in line with police requirements, the following changes will be implemented from Friday 12 June in Houghton le Spring to facilitate social distancing measures.

•    Newbottle Street to be made one way southbound
•    No access from Wheler Street into Newbottle Street.
•    Bus stop outside of Lloyds Bank suspended.

Bus services which normally travel northbound along The Broadway/Newbottle Street will operate via the established “Houghton Feast” diversion – via Hillside Way observing temporary stops adjacent to Lidl.  Sunderland City Council will provide appropriate signage for the stops affected (31H07/08/09).
Customers from the suspended southbound stop (31H05) should use the next stop on The Broadway.



- Social Distancing Route changes: Routes 1, 30, 31, 36, 100, X24, X34 - Pilgrim Street/New Bridge Street, Newcastle

From Monday 20 July 2020 some bus services are being moved in advance of works to be undertaken by the City of Newcastle in relation to social distancing guidelines.

08NC80 Pilgrim St - Service 100 passengers should use the previous stop on Blackett Street. Services 1, 30 & 31 will now observe this stop.

08NC37 Pilgrim St - Services 1, 30 & 31 will move to the first bus stop on Pilgrim (outside the Stack).

08NC79 New Bridge St - Service 36 will move to the temporary bus stop on John Dobson St, next to the Laing Art Gallery.

08NC71 Pilgrim St - Service X24 & X34 will now travel north on Pilgrim St and are moved to the bus stop 08NC41 outside Virgin Money  (on the opposite side of the road).

08NC41 Pilgrim St - Service X24 and X34  will also observe this bus stop.



- Social Distancing Measures: Grey Street, Newcastle – Routes Q1 and Q3 (Northbound)

Newcastle City Council have confirmed that Grey Street will become southbound only from Thursday 30 July in order to facilitate social distancing measures.
Go North East northbound Quaylink Q1 and Q3 services will be diverted as follows:
Service Q3 northbound will divert from Dean Street via Mosley Street, Swan House, Pilgrim Street, (serving 08NC41 - outside Virgin Money), then via New Bridge Street, John Dobson Street and normal route
Service Q1 will divert from Dean Street via Mosley Street, Swan House, Pilgrim Street, Market Street (where stops will be observed to set down passengers) then normal route.



- Social Distancing Measures: Jackson Street, Gateshead

Gateshead Council have confirmed that Jackson Street will be closed from Tuesday 04 August 2020 to allow social distancing measures to be put into place.  
Go North East services will operate as follows:
Services from/to the south to use High West Street and observe stops at The Gloucester.
GNE Services 1A and 1B will use Charles Street, then left onto High Street.
GNE Services 53 and Q2 will omit High Street and use Lambton Street.
GNE Service 94 will divert via Lambton Street, Prince Consort Rd, Charles Street then left to High West Street in to the bus station.



- Routes 93 & Q1 – Hawks Road, Gateshead

Go North East Services Q1 and 93 are unable to serve their stops on Hawks Road.
Due to COVID-19 road layout changes at Eastgate, these services are diverted from Gateshead Interchange via High West Street, Charles Street, Felling by-pass,  Albany Road and Quarryfield Road to normal routes.  
Passengers should use stops on Mill Road  (service Q1) or Saltmeadows Road (service 93).
The diversion will apply until further notice.



- (approx) March 2022: Routes 50 – Downhill Lane, West Boldon

Downhill Lane, West Boldon will be closed from Monday 14 September due to long-term works at A19/Downhill junction.  The works may take longer than 18 months to complete. 
During the closure, Go North Service 50 will divert via A19 and A184 in both directions omitting Downhill Lane.  Passengers should use stops on Addison Road. 



- (approx.) March 2021: Routes 5, 9, 26, 27 & H2 – A185 Albert Road Flyover, Hebburn, Jarrow

A185 Albert Road flyover will be closed for works from Sunday 18 October 2020 for approximately 20 weeks.
Go North East eastbound services 5, 9, 26, 27 and H2 are diverted as follows:
Services 5, 9, 26 and H2 towards Jarrow are diverted from Park Road via Kent Street, Croft Terrace and Monkton Terrace to Jarrow Bus Station.
Service 27 towards South Shields is diverted via Park Road then Kent Street etc to Jarrow Bus Station.
The northbound stop on Park Road (16099 - Mayfield Medical Centre) and eastbound stop on Albert Road (10540) will be out of use for the duration of the closure. 
Diverted services will observe a temporary stop on Kent Street.  Passengers should use this or Jarrow bus station.



- Sunday, 7 February 2021: Route Q3 – Weekend Markets, Newcastle Quayside

UPDATE: (Monday 14 December 2020)
Go North East service Q3 (eastbound) will no longer serve Sandgate, during the weekend markets, passengers from the Law Courts will need to use City Road 15518 for services towards Wallsend


In order to facilitate weekend markets, Newcastle Quayside will be closed between Broad Chare and Sandhill from 8am to 5pm every Saturday and Sunday for 10 weeks commencing Saturday 5 December.
During the closures, Go North East service Q3 will divert via the Swirle, Sandgate, Milk Market and A186, serving stops on diversion and resuming normal (diverted route) at Pilgrim Street.  
Service Q3 will be unable to serve stops at the Law Courts, Guildhall or the temporary stop on Dean Street (northbound stop) but will observe stops on the diversion.  
Please note that services Q1/Q2 will operate via normal route so will continue to serve the Guildhall and (for Q1) the Dean Street temp stop.



- Saturday, 16 January 2021: Route 35 – Hylton Castle Road/Cartwright Road, Castletown, Sunderland

From Monday 11 January for up to 6 days Hylton Castle Road, Castletown will be closed between 8am and 4pm each day due to highway works at the junction with Cartwright Road.
Go North East services 35 from Heworth/Boldon will divert from Canterbury Road via Cheadle Road (west), Caithness Road, Ferryboat Lane, Ringway to Grange Road/The Broadway and then normal route to Sunderland.  The route from Sunderland is via Broadway, Ringway, Ferryboat Lane, Caithness Road, Cheadle Road to Canterbury Road and normal route to Boldon/Heworth.  Passengers should use the nearest alternative bus stop on the route.



- Sunday, 17 January 2021: Route 20 – West Park, Middle Herrington, Sunderland

Due to closures on A19/A690 roundabout on Saturday 16 January and Sunday 17 January 2021, Go North East services 20 towards South Shields after 7:30pm on Saturday and 6:15pm on Sunday will be unable to serve stops at West Park, Middle Herrington.  Please catch your bus from The Board Inn.



- Routes 20 and 79 – Lake Road, Houghton-le-Spring

Lake Road, Houghton-le-Spring will be closed for resurfacing works between 8am and 6pm on Sunday 17 January.  Go North East have advised that services 20 and 79 (Nexus secured) will divert as follows:
Service 20 toward Durham will divert via A182 & A690 between The Burn Hotel & Houghton Centre. 
Service 20 towards South Shields will operate normal route to Market Place then via Nesham Place, Hall Lane, Gillas Lane East, Hetton Road, and A690 to Houghton.
Service 79 - In order to maintain more service provision on Gillas Lane East and Seaham Road for passengers travelling from Houghton-le-Spring, Service 79 towards Hall Lane Estate will divert from Houghton-Le-Spring via The Broadway along Dairy Lane, A182 Hetton Road, Gillas Lane East, Seaham Road, Earsdon Road, Queensway to Hall Lane.  Returns towards Barnwell via Hall Lane, Nesham Place, Market Place, Seaham Road, Gillas Lane East, A182 Hetton Road to A182 Hillside Way Houghton-Le-Spring.



- (approx) Sunday, 07 February 2021: Route 3 – Pancras Road, Sunderland

From Monday 18 January, for approximately three weeks, Pancras Road, Sunderland will be closed for highway repairs between 8am and 4pm Monday to Thursday and from 8am to 1pm on Fridays.
Stagecoach service 3 buses will be diverted straight along Durham Road in both directions. As a result, buses will be unable to serve Plains Farm or Premier Road, although all stops will be observed along the line of the Durham Road diversionary route. 



- Routes 308 and 309 – The Links, Whitley Bay (southbound)

The Links at Whitley Bay will be closed southbound between 8:30am and 1pm on Sunday 24 January to allow essential utility works.
Southbound Arrive 308 services and Go North East 309 services will be affected as follows:
Arriva Service 308 and Go North East 309 will be unable to serve stops between Seaton Sluice Avenue and Whitley Bay Eastbourne Gardens.  These buses will operate normal route to Seaton Sluice Avenue roundabout and will then divert via A190 The Avenue to Seaton Delaval, then A192, Earsdon Road and Monkseaton Drive to The Links and normal route.



No timetable changes

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