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- summer 2019 (approx): Routes 18, 18A, 38, 54, 218, X7, X8 and X63 – Killingworth Road and West Farm Avenue, Newcastle

Killingworth Road, Gosforth, is closed between South Gosforth Roundabout and West Farm Avenue until (approx) summer 2019 to widen the road.  Routes 18, 18A, 38, 54, 218, X7, X8 & X63 are diverted via Four Lane Ends.  Details of routes and alternative stops are set out on the attached file.  Please note some routes also operate to a revised timetable.



- (approx) Sunday, 20 January 2019 – Routes 9, 20, 20A, 35, 35A, 36, 56, 939, N56 and X20: North Bridge Street (southbound), Sunderland

Due to on-going works, the southbound bus lane on North Bridge Street will be closed from Saturday 24 November until approx mid-January 2019.
During the closure, buses will be diverted via Roker Avenue, Church Street North and Dame Dorothy Street.
For Stagecoach services because the main southbound Wheatsheaf stop will be suspended, as well as the bus stops on Dundas Street, passengers intending to travel towards/via Sunderland City Centre should use the stops on Roker Avenue (outside the Salvation Army), Church Street North (opposite Lower Dundas Street) or Dame Dorothy Street (near Bonner's Field) during the closure.
Go North East services 9, 20, 20A, 35, 35A, 36, 56, 939, N56, X20 will be unable to serve stops at Wheatsheaf towards Sunderland City Centre, please use stops on Roker Avenue outside of the Salvation Army building.



- Friday, 29 March 2019: Routes 22, Silverlink Roundabout overnight closures

Each weeknight from Wednesday 2 January 2019 through to Friday 29 March 2019, several sections of the Silverlink roundabout will be closed for essential works between 8pm and 6am.
Due to these closures, Stagecoach service 22 will divert away from the Silverlink Roundabout and travel up Churchill Street via the Jolly Bowman, along Middle Engine Lane and into the north side of Silverlink. All buses will turn at Osprey Drive roundabout and observe the stops outside the Volkswagen and Citroen dealerships before returning to the northern end of Silverlink and on towards Cobalt Park, re-joining the normal route.  Services in both directions will follow the diversion route.



- [Reopening Date TBC]: Route 10 – Tatham Street, Sunderland

Tatham Street, Sunderland, will be closed for urgent gas works from Friday 11 January.  The duration of the closure is not known at present, however, an update is expected on Monday 14th January.
Stagecoach service 10 will divert as follows:
Service 10 towards Grangetown will run as normal to Tatham Street/Borough Road junction before diverting non-stop via Borough Road, West Lawrence Street, Hendon Road and White House Road before re-joining the normal route at Suffolk Street.
Service 10 towards the City Centre will operate via the same diversionary route in reverse (non-stop via Suffolk Street, White House Road, Hendon Road and West Lawrence Street, before re-joining the normal route at Borough Road/Tatham Street junction).
As a consequence, buses will not observe the stops on Tatham Street in either direction.  Passengers are advised to use the stops at either Borough Road (outside the William Jameson) or Suffolk Street (near J&S News).



- Friday, 18 January 2019: Route 18 – Australia Grove Jarrow

Australia Grove, Jarrow, will be closed for resurfacing works between Bendigo Avenue and Perth Avenue from Wednesday 16th January for three days.
Stagecoach Service 18 towards South Shields – will run as normal along Perth Avenue and Inverness Road before diverting and continuing along Inverness Road to re-join the regular route on Perth Avenue.  Services will not serve Brisbane Avenue, Melbourne Gardens or Australia Grove.



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Newcastle – Heaton - Coach Lane - Newcastle
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Newcastle – Fawdon - Kenton - Newcastle
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Newcastle – Walker - Byker - Newcastle
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Newcastle – West Road - West Denton - Newcastle
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