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- August 2018: Routes 306, 308, 310, 392 and W3 – Norham Road Bridge, North Shields

Norham Road bridge in North Shields is closed for rebuilding until late August 2018.  Routes 310 and W3 are operating to revised routes and timetables, please click on the links below for details.  Routes 306, 308 and 392 may also at times be subject to diversions for short periods; details will be provided here if this is needed.

* Slip roads to and from Coast Road at Norham Road will be closed overnight from 8pm each night from Monday, 23 July, for two weeks. Routes 306 and 308 will divert via the Coast Road. Route 310 towards Newcastle will divert from Central Avenue along Verne Road to Billy Mill junction and Billy Mill Lane (serving all stops on this section of diversion) then via New York to Norham Road North and normal route. Route 310 towards North Shields will operate as normal to Middle Engine Lane, then via the New York roundabout to Billy Mill Lane and Lynn Road (serving all stops along this section) then via Verne Road to Central Avenue.

- August 2018: Routes 56 and 56A at Barmston, Washington

Bus stops on Cherry Blossom Way and Nissan Way in Barmston, Washington, are out of use until August 2018 for road improvements.  The early morning journeys on routes 56 and 56A are diverted from Washington Road via Spire Road (Peel retail park), turning at Macdonalds roundabout and resuming normal route on Spire Road.  These buses are unable to serve Cherry Blossom Way, Nissan Way, Pattinson Interchange and their first northbound stop on Spire Road but will call at all stops along the diversion.

- summer 2019 (approx): Routes 18, 18A, 38, 54, 118, X7, X8 and X63 – Killingworth Road and West Farm Avenue, Newcastle

Killingworth Road, Gosforth, is closed between South Gosforth Roundabout and West Farm Avenue until (approx) summer 2019 to widen the road.  Routes 18, 18A, 38, 54, 118, X7, X8 & X63 are diverted via Four Lane Ends.  Details of routes and alternative stops are set out on the attached file.  Please note some routes also operate to a revised timetable.

- 02 September 2018: Routes, 12, 21, 28, 28A, 32, 32A, 36, 39, 40, 62, 63, 72, 72, 87, 100 and X25 – weekend closures of Blackett Street, Newcastle

Blackett Street, Newcastle (through Old Eldon Square) will be closed to traffic each weekend until Sunday, 2 September, for events held to coincide with the Great Exhibition of the North. Buses that would normally go via Blackett Street - Stagecoach services 12, 32, 32A, 36, 39, 40, 62, 63, 71, 72, 87 and 100, and Go North East services 21, 28, 28A, 32A and X25 - will call at different city centre stops instead. Please open the attached note for details.

- Thursday 19 July 2018: Routes 28 and 28B at Birtley, Ouston and Perkinsville, County Durham

Station Lane, Birtley (the road between Birtley and Ouston, County Durham) will be closed for resurfacing between 7pm and 6am the next morning for three nights from Monday 16 July.  After 7pm, Go North East route 28 will be unable to serve Ouston or Perkinsville, buses will go via the A693 so please transfer to or from service 34 at Pelton for these villages.  Route 28B will be diverted via Lamesley but serve all its normal stops except those on Station Lane - please use the nearest alternative.

- Saturday 21 July 2018: Routes 10, 11, X47, X87 and X88 - Claremont Road/Queen Victoria Road/Barras Bridge, Newcastle

Claremont Road through Newcastle University will be closed between Queen Victoria Road and Barras Bridge, from 10pm to 6am the next morning for five nights starting Monday, 16 July, for scaffolding to be put up. At these times routes 10 and 11 towards Newcastle will miss their normal stops on St Mary's Place, but will call instead on St Thomas' street; routes X47, X87 and X88 towards Newcastle will also call at this stop instead of Claremont Road.  Routes 10 and 11 leaving Newcastle City Centre will be unable to call at any stops on Claremont Road; please use city centre stops on Barras Bridge instead.

- Wednesday, 25 July 2018: Routes 37, 50, 50A, 56, 73 – Sulgrave Road/Glover Road Roundabout, Concord, Washington

The Sulgrave Road/Glover Road roundabout will be closed from Wednesday 18 July for approx one week to allow works in connection with the Nissan Enterprise Zone.
Go North East services 50, 56 and Nexus secured services 50A (Go North East) and services 37/73 (Gateshead Central Taxis) will operate as follows:
GNE Service 50 will divert from Marlborough Road via Usworth Station Road, Edgecote, Glover Road, Spire Road, A1231 and Cherry Blossom Way to Washington Road in both directions.
GNE Service 56 will divert from Marlborough Road via Usworth Station Road, Edgecote, Glover Road, Spire Road, A1231, Nissan Way and Cherry Blossom Way to Washington Road in both directions.
Buses will omit their stops on Usworth Station Road.  Customers should use temporary stops at Usworth Station Road/Edgecote of the stops at Marlborough Primary School.  Also, unable to serve Severn Houses or stops behind Ikeda-Hoover factory - use stops at West Moor Farm.
Services 50A (Go North East) and 37/73 (Gateshead Central Taxis) will divert via Edgecote and Glover Road observing the temporary stops at Usworth Station Road/Edgecote.

- Route 35A at Herrington, Sunderland

Route 35A will be unable to serve any stops in Herrington, New Herrington or East Herrington in either direction on Sunday, 29 July, from 8am to 6pm.  This is to allow for resurfacing of Millers Hill in Penshaw (the B1286). Passengers should use alternative stops at Board Inn or The Burn.

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Barley Mow Estate – Birtley – Washington
Change of Operators
From Gateshead Central Taxis & JH Coaches
To Go North East
Route & Timetable unchanged

Timetable PDF

Team Valley – Metrocentre - Winlaton
Go North East
Revised Timetable

Timetable PDF

Sunniside - Watergate Estate - Whickham - Metrocentre
Change of Operator
From Stanley Travel
To Gateshead Central Taxis
Revised Timetable ,Route unchanged

Timetable PDF

Team Valley – Rowlands Gill - Winlaton
Change of Operator
From Gateshead Central Taxis
To Go North East & Stanley Taxis
Route & Timetable unchanged

Timetable PDF

Newcastle - Lemington - Metrocentre - Team Valley

Timetable PDF

Sherburn Park Estate – Rowlands Gill – Burnopfield
Change of Operator
From Stanley Travel
To Compass Community Transport
Route & Timetable unchanged

Timetable PDF

Lukes Lane Estate - Hebburn - Bill Quay – Heworth
Operated by Eurocab
Revised Route and Timetable

Timetable PDF

Gateshead Interchange – Gateshead Stadium – Heworth Interchange
Operated by Go North East
Little Mix shuttle service

Timetable PDF

Sunderland – Seaburn Park
Operated by Go North East
Sunderland Air Show Shuttle

Timetable PDF

Washington – Seaburn Park
Operated by Go North East
Sunderland Air Show Shuttle

Timetable PDF

South Shields – Whitburn/Sunderland
Operated by Stagecoach
Revised Route and Timetable for Sunderland Air Show

Timetable PDF