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- summer 2019 (approx): Routes 18, 18A, 38, 54, 218, X7, X8 and X63 – Killingworth Road and West Farm Avenue, Newcastle

Killingworth Road, Gosforth, is closed between South Gosforth Roundabout and West Farm Avenue until (approx) summer 2019 to widen the road.  Routes 18, 18A, 38, 54, 218, X7, X8 & X63 are diverted via Four Lane Ends.  Details of routes and alternative stops are set out on the attached file.  Please note some routes also operate to a revised timetable.



- Sunday, 1 September 2019: Blackett Street Weekend Closures – Routes 12, 32/32A, 36, 39/40, 62/63, 71/72, 87 and 100

Blackett Street, Newcastle will be closed to all traffic every weekend (including Bank Holiday Monday) from Saturday 20 July to Sunday 1 September for a series of events.
Bus services that would normally go via Blackett Street (Stagecoach services 12, 32/32A, 36, 39/40, 62/63, 71/72/87 & 100, and Central Taxis service 32A) will all be diverted and call at different city centre stops instead - please see attached for details.
Please note - there will be different diversions and stops used during the Newcastle Pride parade on Saturday 20 July.



- Friday, 27 September 2019: Routes 4, 78 & 78A (Westbound) – Chester Road, Bournmoor, Durham

Chester Road, Bournmoor, Durham will be closed westbound (towards Chester le Street) from Monday 29 July until Friday 27 September to allow for road reconstruction and utility works in conjunction with the new housing development at this location.
During this closure, Go North East (WESTBOUND) services 4, 78 & 78A will not be able to serve Bournmoor or Fencehouses (service 4). Passengers travelling from Bournmoor towards Chester le Street will be able to catch a shuttle bus to Fencehouses Community Centre and change to a diverted service 8 there.
Passengers travelling to Fencehouses from Shiney Row or Washington will need to catch diverted service 4 to Fencehouses, then cross over to catch service 4 towards Bournmoor.
Passengers from Sunderland and Shiney Row for Bournmoor will need to catch diverted service 78 to Fencehouses Community Centre then catch shuttle bus to Bournmoor.



- Tuesday, 03 September 2019: route W1A – Cauldwell Avenue, West Monkseaton

An emergency road closure is currently in place on Cauldwell Avenue, West Monkseaton to allow Northern Gas Networks to repair a gas leak.  The closure is expected to remain in place until approx Tuesday, 3 September.
Service W1A operated by Go North East on behalf of Nexus, will be operating as follows:
Service W1A will be operating direct via Seatonville Road, omitting Cauldwell Avenue, Drumoyne Gardens, Newlands Avenue and Burnt House Road.
Passengers are advised to use stops on Earsdon Road (Eastfield Avenue) or Bromley Avenue.



- Sunday, 01 September 2019: Routes Q1 and Q2 – The Drive, Heworth

The Drive at Heworth will be closed from Monday 5 August 2019 for four weeks to facilitate works by Northern Gas Networks.
During the closure, Go North East services Q1/Q2 will be unable to serve The Drive and will divert via Watermill Lane and High Heworth Lane in both directions, serving all stops along the diversion route.



- Friday, 23 August 2019: Routes 1, 1A, 1B, 21, 26, 27 28, 28A, 28B, 56, 57 58, 97, N21, N56 X1, X10, X21, X70 – High Level Bridge, Newcastle

From Sunday 18 August to Friday 23 August the High Level Bridge will be closed between 10pm and 6am for Network Rail inspection of the bridge.
Bus services will be diverted (nonstop) via Mosley Street, Swan House roundabout, Tyne Bridge A184 loop to Askew Road, Prince Consort Road to Interchange.
Wellington Street Gateshead stop will not be observed.
Passengers are advised to use previous stops in the city centre.
Newgate Street:  21, 28, 28A, 28B, X21, X70
Grainger Street:  1, 1A, 1B, N21
Market Street:  26, 27, 56, 57, 58, 97, N56
Eldon Square Bus Station:  X1, X10



- Sunday, 13 October 2019: Routes 50 and 56 – A1290 Washington Road/Cherry Blossom Way/Glover Road, Washington

From Monday 19 August until Sunday 13 October the A1290 Washington Road will be closed between Cherry Blossom Way and Glover Road for highway works.
Go North East services 50 and 56 towards Nissan will divert from Usworth Station Road via Spire Road, A1231 Washington Highway, Nissan Way, Cherry Blossom Way to A1290 Washington Road.  The same route in reverse towards Usworth.



- Wednesday, 28 August 2019: Routes 40 and 41 – McNamara Road/Shafto Street, Wallsend

McNamara Road and Shafto Street, Wallsend, will be closed for resurfacing works from 9:30am to 3:30pm each day from Tuesday 20 August to Wednesday 28 August (excluding the bank holiday weekend).
Go North East services 40/41 will divert as follows:
Service 41 will remain on Archer Street, serving all stops, turning right at the Rosehill Tavern to Churchill Street and normal route.
Service 40 will operate normal route to Churchill Street, then divert left at the Rosehill Tavern and serve Archer Street, observing all stops, re-joining normal route towards Holy Cross.
Passengers are advised that buses will be unable to serve McNamara Road, Savory Road or Simonside Avenue - please use stops on Archer Street.



- Friday, 30 August 2019: Route R1 – Kepier Chare, Crawcrook

Kepier Chare, Crawcrook, will be closed at Bracken Way from Tuesday 27 August for up to 3 days to allow resurfacing works.
During the closure, service R1 (operated on behalf of Nexus by Gateshead Central Taxis) will operate direct between Greenside Road and Crawcrook Lane, omitting Main Street and Kepier Chare.
Please note that the service normally operates Hail and Ride on Kepier Chare.



No timetable changes

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