Add on ticket

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Prices from 1 April 2023 

One Zone£4.10
Two Zones£5.20

The price depends on the number of zones you wish to travel in. Download the Metro map at the bottom of this page to see our zones.

Add on tickets are only available for one day and are priced at the standard equivalent Day Ticket.

For example, if you have a Zone A and B Metro Season Ticket and wish to travel in Zone C, you can purchase a Zone C add on ticket on the day of travel at for one day - allowing you to travel in Zones A,B and C.

How to buy
You can buy an Add on ticket from any Metro station ticket machine.

  1. Simply touch your smartcard on the orange reader.
  2. Select 'Metro tickets'.
  3. Select 'Add zone - 1 day' 
  4. Select the zone you want to add on to your smartcard.

To view ticket terms and conditions click here.


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