What is Nexus?

Passengers on a bus

Our mission statement:  

'Making public transport great for our environment, economy and communities.'


There are few people living in Tyne and Wear whose daily lives are not touched in some way by Nexus. It might be getting you to work, or taking the children to school. It might be treating you to a day out shopping or a family trip to the coast or a museum. It might be helping you enjoy a night out on the town without worrying who will be driving home.

We provide, plan and promote public transport to improve the economic prosperity of North East England and the daily lives of its people. We also look to the future, creating the travel networks people will want to use in decades to come.

Our plans include the Metro: all change modernisation programme, worth around £350m over 11 years, providing a step change in comfort and reliability for our passengers.

We have procured a  new train fleet for Metro which will last decades to come. The Swiss train builder, Stadler, will design, build and maintain the new trains. We are getting 46 new Metro trains, with the first ones set for passenger services in 2024.

We are also improving local bus services, working with local councils and operators through the Bus Strategy to meet the needs of local people.  And we are investing in smart travel, with the Pop card making paying for travel simpler and more flexible.

Nexus is the Tyne and Wear Passenger Transport Executive and administers funds on behalf of the Joint Transport Committee of the North East Combined Authority  Our task is to improve the quality of life and fortunes of everyone in Tyne and Wear, by creating better transport networks.

Look around you - the work we do won't be far away.

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