Landing Lights

ArtistMartin Richman (Website)
Location: South Shields Ferry Landing
Commission year1999
Landing Lights artwork

‘Landing Lights’ is a lightwork integrated into the form and function of the ferry landing.

The artist worked closely with the engineers and architects in the development of the site and focused on the three main elements of its structure: the floating platform with pavilions, the footbridge and the bascule counterweight arm.  In particular his bold blue and orange neon lighting to the bascule celebrates its engineering, exposes its form and signifies it as a new and distinctive nightime landmark on the bank of the River Tyne.

The outer perimeter of the platform is encircled by white luminaires, delineating it against the darkness of the water, and distinguishing the ferry landing from both the shoreline and sea.  The bridge is used to visually connect the dominant elements, with holes pierced in its sides to create a pattern of light while utilising the existing functional lighting.

This work is also linked to the light work which Martin Richman created for the Old Town Hall, a landmark Georgian building in the centre of South Shields nearby Market Place.

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