South Tyne Eye Plan

ArtistMike Clay
Location: Stairwell to Platform 2 at Ticket Concourse level
Commission year1990
South Tyne Eye Plan artwork

‘South Tyne Eye Plan’ provides a visual record, in the form of a continuous unwinding scroll, of Felling and Heworth between 1988-1990.

Over a period of six months the artist walked the area’s streets on average not less than four times. He viewed and recorded the houses, open spaces, factories and trees, expanding streets where there was great detail to record and reducing their relative scale where there was less of interest.

The finished work provides an artist’s imaginary aerial view in the form of a map in which significant features of the landscape are illustrated in a representational style over an initial street plan. Similar in appearance to eighteenth century coaching maps ‘South Tyne Eye Plan’ curls up and down across the walls of the station as though placing the viewer within the pages of an atlas, inviting them to imagine their own journeys throughout the area depicted.

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