Discover Shaun the Sheep from Haymarket Metro station

Posted: 02 Aug 2023

Discover Shaun the Sheep by Metro

An exciting summer awaits as Shaun the Sheep is unveiled as the latest trail from St Oswald’s Hospice, following the success of the Snowdogs and Elmer.  This trail takes you around Newcastle City Centre. 

There are many different routes to take to tick off all the sculptures on the list, and here’s our suggestion...

Travel to Haymarket on the Metro and head up towards Exhibition Park to see the Metro’s Shaun the Sheep sculpture.  We have created a list below of the six nearest ones to Haymarket but there are over 40 to explore, everywhere from Gosforth to Newcastle Airport. 

Luv U

We worked with Tommy Anderson a local artist to create our very own Shaun who is called Luv U. Luv U is Inspired by the vibrant, colourful and diverse city of Newcastle, the playful design of ‘Luv U’ combines a kaleidoscope of dynamic bright colours and shapes overlaid with semi-transparent hearts to create a fun and exciting sculpture full of love. We hope you Luv him too! 

Located near an adventure play area in Exhibition Park, you can be sure to pack exercise and fun into a visit to see our sheep! 

Tommy Anderson is a celebrated graphic designer and his visual arts practice combines aerosol art, typography, photography, collage and animation – celebrating beauty in the everyday and overlooked. Luv U  is located just beside urban green café near the lake in Exhibition Park. We are also taking part in the unlocking challenge, so when you download the official trail app for an opportunity to win prizes, discounts and treats. If you unlock our Shaun you could win £50 worth of Metro travel! Look out for code on the plinth at each sculpture.

Art is Mischief 

At the time of writing this blog, Art is Mischief is currently the most popular sculpture in the app and we think you’ll agree it’s a great and unique design. This Shaun is located outside of Hancock Gallery, a new venue just behind the Civic Centre on Jesmond West Road. They are on a mission to make art more accessible to the people of the North East and showcase works from masterminds like Pablo Picasso and LS Lowry but also modern artists such as Ron Hicks. 

When visiting this any Shaun the Sheep sculpture don’t forget to use the hashtag online with any photos you might want to post: #ShaunOnTheTyne

The Wrong Trousers 

Located right beside the main civic centre reception under the River Tyne God sculpture is The Wrong Trousers.  This Shaun is based on the hit film “The Wrong Trousers” from Wallace and Gromit. This robotic-looking sheep looks quite at home in such a prominent location. Don’t forget the Civic Centre reception is the home of the trail, where the gift shop is located, all funds raised from the giftshop go straight back to the charity and support the hospice with the life extending care they give. Find out more about their life changing work


Bestie bench 

Also located at the Civic Centre is the Bestie Bench, a unique bench created by artist Bethan Laker. This art bench was inspired by a group of young people from Fenham. They wanted the bench to represent happy times in a summer-inspired theme, which suits the mood of this trail being in the summer holidays. Obviously, this bench has mini Shaun on the plinth at one of the end of bench, so why not take a seat and keep him company?


Candy Baa 

Walking down Northumberland Street you meet Candy Baa. A sheep especially for those with a sweet tooth, with a candy design that looks good enough to eat! Candy Baa is located close by lots of shops and café on Northumberland street such a Pret a Manger and M&S café to shops ranging from Primark to Fenwick’s more towards Monument. 

Perfect Day

This Shaun has been designed by schoolchildren who attend the Greggs foundation in Wansbeck and were asked to design their perfect day It’s a sheep covered in vibrant drawings depicting everything from tent camping to waterslide riding! Its great to see how much imagination children can have and how busy the sheep is covered in the depictions of all the different ‘perfect day’ activities.  

For more information about Shaun the Sheep on the Tyne, visit or follow the trail on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #ShaunOnTheTyne




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