Child Transfare

    Valid on:
Price: £1.40


For young people aged under 16 who don't have an Under 16 Pop card (including those who live outside Tyne and Wear), a Transfare ticket will save you money if you're travelling on two types of transport.

Buy a Transfare ticket when you want to travel on two types of transport to make your journey - eg bus and Metro, Metro and ferry, rail and bus, and bus and bus in some areas (contact Nexus Customer Services to check). You must get on your second choice of transport within 90 minutes of buying your ticket. The price varies depending upon the operator, as this is a commercial, not concessionary ticket - but is £1.40 on Metro and the Shields Ferry. If you are (or look like you are) 14 or over, you will be charged the adult fare.

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