Planned changes to Nexus funded service 939

2 June 2023

What were we consulting about?

We were seeking customer feedback on our proposal to withdraw the 0655 and 1638 trips on a Monday to Friday.


Why are we considering changes to services?

In July 2022 Nexus carried out a widespread review of local bus services in Gateshead, South Tyneside and Sunderland at a time when commercial companies were making cuts to their own routes.  As part of this rescue package, we introduced or kept on a number of routes, including this one, with marginal customer numbers.  This allowed us to continue to review the route to see if passenger numbers would grow over timeContracts for bus services that we currently fund in Gateshead, South Tyneside and Sunderland are due to end in July 2023 and we have now looked in detail at how the current contracts are performing.  This review has highlighted some services which we consider are no longer offering good value for money due mainly to a long-term change in travel patterns following the pandemic.  Cancelling these poorly performing services would allow the limited amount of funding that we have available to be spent on maintaining or improving services in areas that are less able to access alternative bus services. 


What changes are we proposing?

Service 939 currently operates on a Monday – Friday connecting Sunderland – Southwick/Waterview Park/Concord/Washington Galleries/Team Valley. Trips depart at 0610 from Concord, 0635, 0655 from Sunderland and 1608, 1638, 1708 from Team Valley. 

We are proposing to cancel the Monday – Friday 0655 trip from Sunderland towards Team Valley. During September/October 2022 an average of 6 customers travelled on this trip.

We are proposing to cancel the Monday – Friday 1638 trip from Team Valley towards Sunderland. During September/October 2022 an average of 6 customers travelled on each of this trip.



How would customers be affected by our proposed changes?

The first morning bus on a Monday – Friday from Sunderland towards Team Valley would depart at 0635. There is an evening bus at 1608 from Team Valley towards Concord and a bus at 1708 from Team Valley towards Sunderland.

Customers wishing to travel outside of the new 939 operating hours would be required to use alternative bus services (Go North East 56/93/94/X1) that may additionally require an interchange at Gateshead.  Some customers may be required to walk further distances to access these alternative services.


Your views?

This consultation was open from Friday 2 June – Friday 30 June 2023. All feedback received on or before Friday 30 June was taken into consideration.

Following a further review, we have decided not to progress with our planned changes.

Following contract changes, these trips will be operated by a different operator.

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to provide us with their views.

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