Planned changes to service 8

15 February 2023

What are we consulting about?

We are seeking customer feedback on our proposal to revise the evening and Sunday route of service 8 in The Docks.

Why are we considering changes to services?

The current secured evening and Sunday route of service 8 operates a clockwise loop around the area of the Docks in Sunderland, the current commercial service 38 (operated by Go North East) operates an anti-clockwise loop. This is inconsistent.   

What changes are we proposing?

Following existing customer feedback received, we are proposing to revise the route of the secured evening and Sunday service to reflect the Monday to Saturday daytime commercial service 38 route. This would see the route operate an anti-clockwise loop in the area of the Docks and operate as follows:

From the City Centre towards the Docks operate normal route to the Winter Gardens then via Borough Road, Lawrence Street, Moor Terrace, The Quadrant, Prospect Row to the Docks Barrack Street.

From the Docks towards the City Centre operate via Barrack Street, High Street East, High Street West, John Street, Borough Road, Holmeside then as normal route.

How would customers be affected by our proposed changes?

Customers would need to board the bus on the opposite side of the road in the area of the Docks. The service would improve access in the City Centre and additionally serve the following stops:

  • High Street West (between Nile Street and Press Lane)

  • John Street (Northern End outside Jopling House)

  • John Street (Southern End outside Scanlans Solicitors)

Timing changes at some points within the area of the Docks would be at a minimal.

Your views?

This consultation was open from Wednesday 15 February – Wednesday 8 March 2023. All feedback received on or before Wednesday 8 March 2023 was taken into consideration.

During this consultation we received 1 response from a customer. This was supportive of our plans.

In view of the feedback received we have decided to progress with our planned changes. 

The new route will be effective from Sunday 14 May 2023.

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to provide us with their views.


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