20 October 2020

What were we consulting about?
This consultation was about a planned change to the route of services W1/W1A in the Monkseaton
Why were we considering changes to this service?
We have received feedback from several local residents who are concerned about the current route
within Hillheads Estate. The narrow road and increasing levels of on-street parking along Cedartree
Gardens & Baytree Gardens is making it increasingly difficult for bus services to navigate through
this area.
What changes were we proposing?
We were planning to make a minor change to the route of services W1/W1A so that buses would
instead operate direct between Maple Avenue – Appletree Gardens via Churchill Avenue.
How would passengers be affected by these changes?
Services W1/W1A would no longer serve Cedartree Gardens or Baytree Gardens. Passengers
from these roads would instead board/alight buses on Maple Avenue or Churchill Avenue (existing
Hail & Ride arrangements on Maple Avenue and Churchill Avenue will continue to apply with buses
stopping on request at any location which is safe to do so).
Minor changes to the timetable would also be made to reflect the slightly shorter route. Buses would
continue to leave starting points at the existing times, but journeys would be about one minute
Subject to the feedback received during this consultation, the revised route for services W1/W1A
would be introduced from late November 2020.
Your views
This consultation was open from 20 October until 10 November 2020.  29 responses (including 22 emails, 4 phone calls, 2 petitions and 1 letter) were received. The issues raised, and our responses, are included in the consultation feedback document available below.

Following detailed consideration of all the feedback/comments received, we have decided NOT to proceed with the planned route change. Instead, we hope to address the issues/concerns raised with these alternative actions:

  • To stop buses passing each other within the Estate, we are going to introduce a new timetable from Monday 30 November. Buses towards Whitley Bay will operate up to five minutes later than at present. Buses from Whitley Bay Metro will continue to depart at XX00/XX30 (a copy of the new timetable will be circulated with this report);
  • To reduce inconsiderate parking, we are working with North Tyneside Council to see if additional parking measures can be introduced within the Estate; and
  • To improve road safety, we have asked bus drivers to observe a voluntary 10mph speed limit on Baytree/Cedartree Gardens.


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