Planned removal of service K3

6 August 2018

What are we consulting about?
This consultation was about planned removal of service K3 – this service (which is funded by Nexus using taxpayer funds) currently operates up to every 60 minutes Monday – Saturday daytime between Forest Hall – Freeman Hospital.

Why are we considering changes to this service?
The K3 service was introduced in March 2018.  The purpose of introducing the K3 was to maintain the direct bus link between Forest Hall – Freeman Hospital (previously provided by Stagecoach services 6/7/8) and also reinstate service provision at the northern end of Coach Lane (previously served by Stagecoach service 1).  However, since we introduced the K3 the number of people using it has been very low with many of the trips operating carrying no passengers at all.  This does not represent good value for money and therefore we are proposing to withdraw the service and re-allocate the resource to improve other services elsewhere in North Tyneside.

What changes are we proposing?
We are proposing to withdraw service K3 with effect from March 2019.

How will passengers be affected by these changes?
The direct link between Forest Hall – Freeman Hospital would be lost, however, it would still be possible to make this journey with connections between frequent services available throughout the day at Four Lane Ends.  During Monday – Saturday daytime, services 55 and 63 provide eight buses per hour between Forest Hall – Four Lane Ends Interchange.  Services 6/7/8, 18 and 52 then provide seven buses per hour between Four Lane Ends – Freeman Hospital.
There would be a loss of service provision on Coach Lane (between the University Campus and Front Street).  The nearest alternative bus stops would be located on Front Street to the north, Benton Road to the west and at the University Campus on Coach Lane to the south.  On behalf of local passengers, we will also continue to lobby Stagecoach to reinstate their service 1 on this section of route.

Your views     
A public consultation was open from Monday 6 August – Wednesday 12 September 2018. We received only one email from a member of the public in response which was neither in favour nor against the proposed change.

Next steps

In light of the feedback received we have decided to withdraw service K3 from 24 March 2019. The resource saved will instead be used to deliver service improvements elsewhere in North Tyneside from the same date.


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