Metro Single

    Valid on:


One Zone£2.80 
Two Zones£3.80 
All Zones£4.50

This ticket is for single trips on Metro. It’s valid for 90 minutes from when you buy it, and cannot be used to make a return journey.
If you buy a Metro Single ticket for zones A+B+C, it can also be used for a single trip on the Shields Ferry, or on local rail services between Newcastle and Sunderland, as well as on Metro, as long as you board the ferry or train within 90 minutes of when you bought the ticket.

The price depends on the number of zones you travel in – see the attached zone map below.

*only an all zone ticket is valid

How to buy one
You can buy them at any ticket machine located on all Metro stations. Simply select the zones you want to travel in.


To view ticket terms and conditions click here.


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