Safety and accessibility

Ferry accessibility

The Shields Ferry has two ferries - the Pride of the Tyne and Spirit of the Tyne.  The ferries are accessible for all passengers including wheelchair and mobility scooter users and people with prams and pushchairs.  You board the ferry by a two metre wide ramp – staff can help you if you need them to.

North and South Shields ferry landings

The ferry landings float on the River Tyne, which means that the slope of the access bridge varies with the tide. If the tide is extremely low, and the bridges are steeper than normal (this is more likely at South Shields), ferry staff can help wheelchair users.  Click here to find out about the ferry landings Ferry landings |

Onward travel from the Shields Ferry

Many bus routes in North and South Shields are operated by low floor vehicles.

The route between North Shields ferry landing and town centre is quite steep. However, several buses provide a link between these two points, click here for bus information Buses serving North Shields ferry landing |

If you have any concerns about accessibility and the Shields Ferry – please contact Nexus' Accessibility Officer on 0191 203 3426/email [email protected].

Safety and security

Staff are on board the ferry at all times so there's always a reassuring presence around. There's CCTV coverage on board too.  Both North and South Shields ferry landings are also covered by CCTV cameras.


Nexus is proud to be part of the Leisurewatch scheme. This provides training and support for our staff to help them recognise concerning behaviour and act to stop it, making our public spaces safer for all of us.

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