Bikes and scooters on ferry

A cyclist dismounted from his bike and wheeling it down the ferry landing

Important Note: 

Riding your bike on the ferry landings can cause a danger to other passengers.  In the interests of passenger safety you must dismount your bike on the approach to the ferry landings.  You may only mount your bike again when you have reached the road/cycle path on the other side of the river.


Bikes can be taken on board the Shields Ferry free of charge. 

Electric scooters and electric unicycles are NOT permitted on the Shields Ferry (or Metro stations or trains) at any time.

Under normal circumstances, if a group of cyclists plan to use the ferry together (eg for a charity bike ride), the ferry can accommodate about 16 bikes. Please notify our Customer Relations team in advance, click on this link for contact details Nexus / General Enquiries |

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