All about Metro modernisation

The £350m Metro: all change modernisation programme is a major scheme of investment to ensure the region has a reliable Metro system for many decades to come. It is one of the most important transport infrastructure projects in North East England.

The 11 year programme will see stations modernised, trains refurbished and miles of new tracks and cables installed.

Large sections of track have been already been replaced and stations have been improved to give passengers a brighter and better travel experience. More and more newly refurbished trains are entering service.

New smart ticket machines are in place at all 60 Metro stations, making paying for travel easier and more flexible, with smart card payments up and running. Electronic ticket gates are also being installed at 13 key Metro stations.

How it benefits you

  • A more reliable Metro service
  • A smoother and more comfortable journey
  • Brighter and more comfortable station waiting areas
  • Easier and more flexible ways of paying for travel
  • Reduced fare evasion
  • Securing a Tyne and Wear Metro service for years to come

Work completed so far

The modernisation work is well underway with the following already being completed as we enter the fourth year of the programme.

10 Stations refurbished or underway
18.5km of track renewed or refurbished
18km of new cable ducting installed
17 bridges repaired
225 new ticket machines installed
13 gatelines at key stations
3 bridges removed completely and replaced with embankment
8 escalators replaced
4 lifts replaced
5 sets of points renewed or refurbished
1 new Metrocar wash installed
1 Wheel lathe installed at Metro depot
1.2km of earthworks repaired (ballast retention)
4km of overhead line (contact wire and catenary) replaced


Your questions answered

What will be different when the work is all done?

Metro will have a fresher, more modern look. Refurbished trains and new tracks will help to improve reliability and offer a much smoother ride. The new ticket machines offer new and more flexible ways of paying for travel, including Pop cards.

How can I find out about closures in advance?

Keep up to date by signing up for free email alerts here Also visit our Planned Works calendar here

If you are a local resident you can also find out about night-time work in your area by signing up to Nexus' free e-newsletter here

When will all the work be complete?

The Metro: all change programme is an 11 year project and we are currently into the fourth year of the work. It is estimated the entire project will reach completion in 2021.

For major line closures, why can't this work be done at nights or weekends?

Splitting a huge track replacement project down into nights or weekends would add enormously to the cost and disruption to local people and passengers, as well as increasing the risk to safety and reliability. It has been considered but is just not practical. This is once in a generation modernisation, rather than maintenance work which we would fit into nights as far as possible.

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