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Apprenticeships - 2021

Applications for our 2021 apprenticeships have closed. 

We were looking for ten new apprentices for positions across our organisation.

  • Seven new recruits will work in Metro Infrastructure, including in signalling, track engineering and overhead line sections.
  • Two business administration apprenticeship opportunities are available in the Bus Services and Contract and Commercial Departments.
  • And for the first time, Nexus are looking for a Level 6 apprentice, to join the Renewals projects team. The successful candidate will undertake a project management degree, gaining valuable work experience without having to rely on student finance.  

We're looking forward to welcoming a diverse mix of talented people who are keen to start careers in the transport industry. 

Here are the apprentices we were looking for in 2021:



of apprentices





Maintenance DeliverySignalling2311
Maintenance DeliveryPower Supplies2313
Maintenance DeliveryTrack Engineering1311
Capital DeliveryOverhead Line Equipment1313
Capital DeliverySTEM1313
Metro CommercialContracts and Commercial1311
Nexus CommercialBus Services1311
RenewalsProject Management1613


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Signalling Technician apprentices will learn to rectify faults and maintain equipment that makes the Metro one of the safest railways in the world. You'll be trained to look after 129 sets of Points, 260 Signals, 317 Trainstop Magnets, 164 Treadles, and over 400 track circuits. And you'll be part of a team that looks after the system 24/7 365 days a year. There's never been a better time to join this team with the system expanding, modernising and getting a new fleet of trains. 

If you have attention to detail and a positive attitude towards rules and procedures, are good at listening, a problem solver, can support others, remain calm under pressure and are prepared to maintain and develop skills and knowledge, an apprenticeship as a Signalling Technician could be for you. 


As a High Voltage Electrical apprentice, you will be trained to work on Nexus’ low and high voltage system ranging between 50 to 11000 voltages. You will be part of a team that maintains and rectifies faults on the electrical network. This section is looking for motivated colleagues who are team players with a positive attitude towards learning, rules and procedures. You will need to have a logical approach towards problem solving whilst remaining calm under pressure.  


The Track Engineering apprentice will be working in an extremely varied section, helping to inspect and maintain the track, off track and plant assets. You will take part in a wide range of activities, from re-railing, welding, vegetation, drainage and boundary management, mechanised maintenance (tamping), and on track machine maintenance. 

You will be working outside in all conditions, rain or shine, night and day, in what can be a physically challenging environment. You will learn and participate in inspection and maintenance techniques adopted at Nexus using available plant, equipment and on track machines. In the final year of your apprenticeship you will learn the technical elements of the section, which will include measuring, surveying and implementation of track designs. 


As an apprentice Overhead Line Installation team member, you will gain a detailed working knowledge of the 1500v D.C. Overhead Line Network, and how it operates and interfaces to deliver the safe and efficient operation of electric trains. As part of your training you will work as part of a dedicated team to renew and upgrade the Nexus 1500v D.C. Overhead Line network using bespoke road and rail mounted plant and equipment for the task. Working to a high standard of installation and stringently adhering to safety rules and regulations. Working on or around the Overhead Line network will require a high level of awareness and concentration, excellent communication skills and being a team player


As an apprentice in STEM you will gain a working knowledge of all the signalling, electrical and telecommunication systems on Metro, and how they interface with other systems and equipment on the operational railway. As part of your training you will use tools and test equipment correctly to install and wire signalling equipment and other systems vital to the operation of the railway. To remove and replace signalling components as part of a renewal activity and carry out installation integrity checks. You need to have good communication skills, be organised, be a team player, be able to problem solve and want to play a part in the new look Metro system.



The Contracts & Commercial apprentice will learn about managing contracts that Nexus has with other organisations, including Stadler who maintain Metro trains. You will also learn about forming and managing commercial agreements that Nexus has for shop units around the Metro system. We are looking for colleagues who have attention to detail and can adopt a systematic and thorough approach. Being able to consider the needs of other people and support others is also important.


Working as part of the Commercial team, you will be involved in aspects of supporting the bus network operating in Tyne and Wear.  You will learn how we establish requirements for new secured service routes, to arrange consultations and to procure new bus contracts and the ongoing management of operations.  You will also play a part in establishing specialist transport such as schools services and community transport, as well as reporting and monitoring of statistics relating to patronage and compliance.  You will need a keen attention to detail, excellent communication skills and a good understanding of public transport and the important role buses play in the daily lives of people in our local area.  Ideally you enjoy working as part of a team so you can share new ideas and be comfortable working without supervision with the ability to prioritise your workload effectively and meet deadlines.


The Renewals apprentice will play a central role in some key renewal projects across Tyne and Wear Metro. As part of this apprentice programme you’ll be working on a variety of rail & infrastructure projects throughout different stages of their lifecycle: from engaging with key stakeholders at option selection, through to reporting during construction and hand back. We’re looking for individuals who enjoy a challenge, thrive in a team environment and can prioritise tasks in order to work to deadlines. As part of this fantastic paid opportunity, you’ll work towards a BSc in Project Management and develop highly transferrable planning, leadership and communication skills with on-the-job learning under the guidance of project professionals.


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