Travelling on Metro

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Only travel on Metro for essential purposes.  If you do have to travel, continue to follow the travel safety advice below.


When using Metro, plan ahead and avoid busy times and routes if you can.  For latest travel updates click here 

Our trains are now being treated with a new anti-microbial sanitiser throughout the passenger areas – in addition to our regular and thorough daily cleaning regimes. This sanitiser protects surfaces for up to 30 days.

You’ll find hand sanitisers near the entrances of our busiest stations, and our cleaning team regularly treats ticket machines, handrails and other touch points around the station.

When travelling on Metro we advise:

Metro safe distanceKeep your distance where you can
Metro PopUse Pop smart cards and contactless payment instead of cash.

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Metro face mask

Wear a face covering in stations and on trains – this can be a scarf or snood pulled over the nose and mouth, or an over-the-counter mask. Wearing a face covering is compulsory on Metro, except if you have an exemption for health reasons.

See our question and answer page here 


Busy stations have separate entrance and exit routes – you should also follow directional arrows inside the station to keep people apart.

Metro let people offStand well back from trains to let people get off before you approach doors – and use the whole platform when waiting for a train to arrive. If the train is too busy, wait for the next one if you can.

Follow simple guidance inside the station to keep busy passageways clear, and when choosing where to stand or sit.

Metro peak timesPlan ahead and travel when it's less busy if you can.  At busy times we may control entrances to a station to avoid there being too many people on platforms – follow advice from our customer service advisors.
Metro wash handsWash or sanitise your hands regularly. We have hand sanitiser stands at our busier stations.
Image of open windowPlease keep train windows open to help with ventilation.


Newcastle Airport will be operating at reduced hours for the next few weeks due to a reduction in flight operations. When the terminal is not open, a side door at the station will remain available for Metro passengers, but access to the terminal for airport passengers will be possible for scheduled flights. Metro services will continue to operate to the winter timetable.

Metro meets the Government’s covid-secure standard for public transport.

Page last updated: 8 January 2021

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