Tyne and Wear Metro app

Metro man holding a mobile phone with the Metro app on.

The official Tyne and Wear Metro app makes it easier for you to get around Tyne and Wear by Metro. As well as incorporating official timetable and connection information, the app pulls live travel alert data direct from Tyne and Wear Metro Control room, giving you live updates on the service and travel advice during periods of disruption.

You can also use the app to set your favourite stations and journeys.

Download the app from Google Play Store, click here.

Download the app from Apple store, click here.

New Feature: How busy is Metro

The Tyne and Wear Metro app has been updated to help customers identify quieter times on Metro, allowing them to make informed decisions about when to travel - for those who have the choice.   The changes allow app users to view a rating of how busy trains are from a station and lets them provide their own rating of how busy their train was. Where live ratings have not been made, an average rating from previous weeks is shown.

To access the information, go to the main menu of the Tyne and Wear Metro app, select ‘More’, then you will see the option ‘How busy is the Metro’.  From here you can view the data received for each station and can also submit your own personal rating.


New App Features

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