40th anniversary of Metro's Royal opening

Queen opening Metro

2021 was 40 years since the Royal opening of Metro

Queen Elizabeth II officially opened Tyne and Wear Metro on 6 November 1981. Read about the event itself, and watch tv coverage from 1981, below. And we'll be adding coverage of the celebrations of the 40th anniversary in November 2021

Metro's Royal opening in 1981


Click here to read the story of Metro's Royal opening, including original TV coverage and memories from local author Colin Alexander.


Royal visit


Watch interviews about the Royal opening with retired employees John Baggs, Bruce Ennion and David Thornton, and local author Colin Alexander:

Royal opening memories: John Baggs - YouTube

Royal opening memories: Bruce Ennion - YouTube

Royal opening memories: David Thornton - YouTube

Royal opening memories: Colin Alexander - YouTube

The 40th anniversary of Metro's Royal opening


Read more about the Royal opening here


Read about the visit to Metro by HRH the Price of Wales to mark the 40th anniversary of its opening here


Read about the visit by Prince Charles here


Read about Prince Charles meeting some frontline Nexus staff here


Prince Charles met the community group which joined forces to knit a special birthday tribute to the Tyne and Wear Metro - read more here.


Two Metro employees with more than 40 years’ service met Prince Charles - read more here. 


Former PTE staff, now retired, remember the day that Her Majesty The Queen officially opened the Tyne Wear Metro on November 6, 1981 - read more here.


TV coverage of Metro’s Royal opening in 1981

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