In order to apply to become a Metro Authorised Busker, please complete the form below once you have read, understood and agreed to all the terms and conditions below

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By signing below, I agree:

a. That Metro will not be liable for any personal or fatal injuries to myself caused other than by the negligence of Metro, its servant(s) or agent(s).

b. That I will indemnify Metro against liability for any loss or damage to any property belonging to me or to Metro, its servant(s) or agent(s) which arise as a result of this access being granted.

c. That I will abide with all the safety instructions given to me by Metro whether oral or in writing and will obey all orders and requests given by Metro's authorised officers in relation to my presence on the Metro system.

Authorised Busking Terms and Conditions

Before being authorised to perform on Metro, you must agree to the terms and conditions below. They set out the terms on which Nexus contracts with you for the purposes of authorised busking.  The terms set out how you can apply to be an authorised busker, include any restrictions on applications and stipulate how you must perform safely and be considerate of Metro users.  Please read the terms carefully, including the indemnity at clause 6.  Where you agree to be bound by the terms, please sign, and date this document and return it to Metro Customer Relations on [email protected].

1.    How to apply to be an authorised busker?

1.1    Nexus’ authorised busker application form (above) must be completed and submitted as set out on the form.  
1.2    In person applications can be made at Metro Control Centre Reception, Station Road, South Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE3 1YT.  
1.3    All applicants must be over 16.  Applications from anyone under the age of 16 will not be considered by Nexus.
1.4    All applications must be accompanied by photographic identification.
1.5    Completed applications will take around 7 working days to process.  
1.6    A letter of authority, displaying your photograph, will be sent to you following successful application.  This must be carried by you when performing authorised busking on Metro premises and immediately presented to an authorised person if requested.  
1.7    Letters of authorisation are not transferrable and can only be used by the person named.  
1.8    A letter of authority will be valid for two years.  At the end of the two-year period, you must re-apply before requesting any busking slots.  

2.    Busking locations, hours and reserving a pitch

2.1    Busking spots are located at the following Metro stations:
•    Central Station
•    Monument
•    Haymarket
2.2    Busking pitches times are divided into three-hour slots:
•    12:00 – 15:00
•    15:00 – 18.00
2.3    Consecutive bookings may be considered by Nexus but are not guaranteed.
2.4    Busking will not be authorised on ‘event’ days. For example, rugby and football home games, or concerts.  Busking on event days is expressly prohibited.  
2.5    Busking pitches can be reserved once an authorised busker is in receipt of a letter of authority from Nexus.
2.6    To reserve a pitch, authorised buskers must contact the Customer Relations Team to obtain pitch availability and book a pitch.  
2.7    Bookings can be made:
•    in person at Metro Control Centre Reception, Station Road, South Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE3 1YT
•    by telephone on 0191 2020747, or
•    via email: [email protected]
2.8    The maximum number of people permitted to busk in a group is two. Both members of the group are required to complete the online application form and be in possession of a letter of authorisation before booking and reserving a pitch together.  You must notify Nexus of the people who will be performing when you book your slot.  

3.    Safety

3.1    On arrival at the busking slot, you must approach a member of staff to inform them that you have permission to busk and present your letter of authorisation.
3.2    Station staff will show you to the designated busking area.
3.3    You must perform exclusively within the parameters of the busking pitch.  
3.4    You must ensure that both you and your performance are safe for people using the Station. You must always consider and take responsibility for public safety when performing.  
3.5    No more than two people can perform within a busking pitch at any given time.  
3.6    You must not be accompanied by any other person or animal, unless previously authorised by Nexus in writing.  
3.7    You must not perform if under the influence of any intoxicating substance.  
3.8    You must ensure that no one using the Station could trip over any of your equipment.  
3.9    Equipment must not be left unattended.  You must be responsible at all times for the safe-keeping of your own equipment. Nexus shall not be responsible for and excludes all liability in respect of any loss, damage or theft of your equipment.
3.10    The use of amplifiers is not permitted while busking on Metro premises.  
3.11    No naked flame, pyrotechnics, fireworks, knives, sharp objects or anything similar can be used as part of your performance.   
3.12    Station staff can request that you to stop busking and leave the Station at any time. This may be on operational safety grounds or if they believe you may be a nuisance to passengers.

4.    Prohibitions/ Restrictions

4.1    You must take all reasonable steps to ensure that your performance does not adversely impact those around you.
4.2    You must not use offensive, foul, discriminatory, racist or provocative language during performances.  Metro is a family friendly, inclusive environment and any language or behaviour which undermines our values will not be tolerated.  
4.3    You must possess an acceptable degree of musical competence and perform with sufficient variety.  
4.4    You must adhere to the Metro Byelaws and Conditions of Carriage which can be found at [link].  
4.5    You must adhere to the parameters of the busking pitch and must not cause any obstructions for users of the Metro Station.  
4.6    You should ensure that any authorised busking is completed within the allocated time slot and show respect and courtesy to other buskers who may proceed after you.  
4.7    You must not display notices requesting money or verbally request money from Metro passengers.  You may however accept voluntary donations.   
4.8    You may donate any voluntary donations to charity but must not advertise that you are busking for charity on Metro premises.   
4.9    You must not sell any merchandise while on Metro premises.  

5.    Co-operate with Authorised Persons and the Police

5.1    You must ensure that you produce a copy of your letter of authorisation when requested to do so by an authorised person, police officer or police community support officer.
5.2    Authorised persons, police officers or police community support officers may at times ask that you adjust your performance or move locations in the event of an emergency, public disorder, planned events, or to prevent a nuisance from being caused.
5.3    You must co-operate with any reasonable requests from authorised persons and the Police.  This may include directions to stop performing.  
5.4    Our officers have a right to make requests without fear of threatening or abusive behaviour.  Any form of abusive behaviour towards authorised persons will not be tolerated and will lead to authorisation to busk being permanently removed.  In addition, you may be prosecuted under the Metro Byelaws.  

6.    Indemnity

6.1    You agree that Nexus will not be liable for any personal or fatal injuries to you which arise because of your authorisation to busk, other than those caused by Nexus’ negligence.  
6.2    You agree that you will indemnify Nexus against liability for any loss or damage to any property which arises because of your authorisation to busk.


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