East Gateshead Bus Alliance

In October 2017 Nexus, Gateshead Council and Go North East signed an agreement to form a new East Gateshead Bus Alliance in order to demonstrate a commitment to providing quality bus services and information, to enhance bus infrastructure and to improve accessibility for and to bus services.

Together we pledge to give you local buses that are fast, frequent and reliable – wherever you’re travelling to.  If you already use the buses in East Gateshead we hope you are making the most of the improvements that have already been made.  If you are not using the bus, now’s the time to start. Convenient, simple to use routes and fares mean that you can relax on the daily commute and leisure journeys.  And using the bus means you can forget the hassle of finding a parking space or parking charges.

By forming this voluntary Alliance, Go North East, Gateshead Council and Nexus have agreed to:

  •  Monitor and improve the performance of the local bus network, including taking positive measures to improve punctuality and reliability
  •  Enhance the quality of the bus fleet in East Gateshead and to improve engine emissions standards
  •  Engage with bus users  and consult on bus service changes in East Gateshead
  •  Maintain and enhance the provision of bus information, including real-time information
  •  Support local people and groups through the provision of space for community notices at selected bus stops
  •  Monitor and address customer satisfaction
  •  Improve safety and security
  •  ake steps to attract more users to bus services
  •  Improve fares and ticketing
  •  Maintain a stable bus network

East Gateshead is the first area to benefit from a Bus Alliance, however we are monitoring progress carefully and the best ideas will be used to improve services in other parts of Gateshead and the wider area.

The East Gateshead Bus Alliance will hold quarterly meetings and will include Officers from Gateshead Council, Nexus and Go North East as well as elected Members.  Reports from the quarterly meetings and the full Alliance document will be available on this page.


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