Winter travel advice for bus passengers

Nexus, bus companies and local councils work together to give you the best possible bus service every winter.

We share information, co-ordinate gritting, and plan ahead to keep buses on the road.  Weather conditions in our region can vary within a few miles, making it important to provide fast and accurate updates.

If severe weather does hit the region bus, Metro and rail are the safest ways to travel – but some delay and disruption is possible when road conditions are at their worst. 

Latest Information

The latest updates on bus services, from 6am until 10pm during severe weather, with information co-ordinated from all operators is here.

Nexus also emails information directly to big employers, retailers and public service providers around Tyne and Wear so they can advise staff if there are problems with local services.

Advice for passengers in severe weather

  • Leave extra time for travel and do not expect buses to run to timetable in the worst weather – but they will get through whenever they can.
  • Buses can often serve main roads even when estates are impassable. Be ready to walk to a main road should this be the case, and local roads are untreated.
  • Dress for the weather, including sturdy shoes, warm clothing and headwear.
  • Take extra care at bus stations and stops where floors and pavements may be slippery – DO NOT wear ‘snow grips’ over shoes inside bus and Metro stations as these can ‘skate’ on tiled floors, causing accidents and falls.

In the very worst weather it can take time at the start of each morning to check a whole bus route is passable, particularly in hilly areas.  This means we and bus companies may not have information right at the start of the day – but please use our website for the latest updates.

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