Safety on Metro

Safety on Metro

We want you to feel safe when using Metro and that’s why we have invested in the following:

  • More customer service staff present on trains and at stations-day and night
  • Installation of state of the art 24 hour CCTV systems at stations and on trains
  • Over 740 cameras cover the entire Metro network, including platforms, stations approaches, subways and car parks
  • CCTV is monitored by Metro and local authorities
  • We are working closely with the police and local authorities
  • Staff and police undertake plain clothed exercises across the system
  • Report it to sort it text number. Discreetly report an incident or anti-social behaviour by texting REPORTIT followed by your message to 66777.
  • Dedicated telephone number 0191 203 3666 so customers can call to report any problems
  • All our stations and trains are ‘Alcohol exclusion zones’
  • Smoking is not allowed on Metro stations or trains (this includes vaping and e-cigarettes)
  • Regular station checks carried out by several departments  

Safety tips

For your own safety and comfort please be aware of the following:

  • Know where CCTV cameras are on stations and wait in those areas
  • Keep valuables out of sight
  • Do not leave your luggage unattended
  • Use well lit walking routes to and from stations
  • Never go on the track
  • Always stand behind the yellow line on the platform
  • Do not ride your cycle on platforms, when waiting for the train stand with your bike
  • When using escalators stand to the right side, hold the hand rail and face forward
  • Never take large items of luggage, pushchairs or wheelchairs onto an escalator, please use the lift or ramp
  • If you feel unwell while travelling on Metro, contact a member of staff on the station Help Point or press the Call for Aid button on the train
  • In times of adverse weather please take additional care when using stations and trains
  • When carrying backpacks and large shoulder bags be mindful when moving on the train, so not to knock other customers

Report an incident

  • In an emergency dial 999
  • Police (not an emergency) call 101
  • On a Metro station use the Metro 'Help Point', or speak to a member of staff
  • On a Metro train or station text REPORTIT followed by your message to 66777*
  • On a Metro train or station call 0191 203 3666 *
  • Report a concern (that does not need an immediate action) email [email protected]

* Customers should note that mobile signals vary in quality and the sending of messages can be subject to the capacity and functionality of their mobile service providers.  Nexus cannot guarantee that text messages submitted to the service will be received/reviewed in any specific timeframe, or at all where there is a technical issue with their submission.  If customers are in doubt, they are advised to call the service number rather than relying on text messages.

Level crossings

The level crossings on the Metro system are open crossings. They have no barriers or gates. Road traffic signs are provided at these crossings. They are also protected by flashing red light 'stop' signals and an audible alarm.

How to safely use the crossing in your car

  • Drive carefully up to the crossing and be ready to stop
  • You must stop behind the white line, if the red lights are flashing
  • If you have already crossed the white line when the amber light comes on, keep going
  • Never reverse onto or over the crossing
  • Only cross when the lights go out

Stay safe on foot

  • If the red lights are flashing, you must always stop and wait
  • At footpath crossings without flashing lights, stop to look and listen for trains. Do not start to cross if there is a train coming
  • Never get distracted-for example by talking on a mobile phone, texting or listening to music or headphones
  • Don't let children run or wander off.
  • If you have a dog with you, keep it on a lead


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