Ticket refunds

If you wait on a platform for more than 15 minutes longer than advertised or the Metro train you are on is delayed by more than 15 minutes, we will refund you the cost of your single journey Metro ticket*. This applies to customers purchasing a Single, DaySaver, Day Rover, Transfare or MetroSaver, and to Network One customers.

*Excluding Gold Card holders, Magpie Mover holders and when we advertise that your journey will take longer e.g. when using the Metro bus replacement service during planned modernisation work.

How to claim a refund

We aim to treat all refund claims with fairness. However, if you are not satisfied with the refund arrangements outlined you can appeal. We will consider individual claims on their merits.

To claim a refund we require a copy of your Pop card or the original Metro ticket (we ask for originals so they can't be transferred to another claimant) together with a brief description of the delayed journey including time, location, and where you were travelling to.

You can send this information via a pre-paid customer response form that can be picked up from any Nexus TravelShop or write to our Customer Relations team at:

Customer Relations, Tyne and Wear Metro, Metro Control Centre, South Gosforth, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE3 1YT

Pop card holders and Network One ticket holders can scan and email a copy to [email protected].

Claims must be submitted within 28 days of the date of the incident. Please submit a separate form for each claim.  We normally issue a refund by cheque but if you would like a cash refund this can be obtained in person at South Gosforth Control Centre.  If you have a season ticket, we will refund the value of a single ticket for the Metro journey made.  In line with the Consumer Rights Act 2015, if you have paid for your ticket by Credit/Debit card and Metro is at fault for a delay to your journey of more than 15 minutes than advertised, if preferred, we will refund the cost of that single journey back to your Credit/Debit card.  For more information please visit How to Make a Complaint or Conditions of Carriage or contact Metro Customer Relations on 0191 203 3199.

If you lose money in a ticket machine because it fails to issue you a ticket and you then purchase a second ticket from another machine, or if the machine fails to give the correct change you can claim a refund. Please apply at any Nexus TravelShop or email [email protected] or call 0191 20 20 747.

The above does not affect your statutory rights including any rights you may have under the Consumer Rights Act 2015.


Refunds for strike action 20 and 21 December 2019

A compensation scheme is open to those holding a Metro season ticket – so that includes weekly, monthly and annual tickets for adults, students and Corporate pass holders. It does not include Network One season tickets or Gold Card holders. Click here to go to the Metro Season Ticket compensation request form.

If you accidentally bought a single or day ticket because you were unaware of the Metro strike, please click here and select 'Metro' and then 'Industrial action' as the nature of your enquiry, and upload an image of your ticket to request a refund.


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