Ticket refunds

***Requests for refunds on Metro season tickets during the coronavirus pandemic***

We are receiving requests for refunds for unused travel because of the coronavirus lockdown. 

However, Nexus is of course also affected by the effects of the pandemic, with staff working from home, without access to all systems. This means that we're unable to process refunds in the way that we normally do (including being unable to process or issue cheques). 

We’ve been working on a way to deal with requests for refunds, and are now pleased to be able to offer you two options. Find out more here.  

Information about requests for refunds of Corporate Metro Season Tickets is here.


Refunds due to delays

If you are delayed by more than 15 minutes than advertised, you can claim a refund.  For a delay of more than 15 minutes or if you wait on a platform for more than 15 minutes longer than advertised we will give you back the ticket price of the single Metro journey that was delayed.*  If you buy a ticket for a specific day and can’t use it due to train cancellations or service disruption we will refund the price you paid for the ticket.

* Excluding Gold Card holders, Magpie Mover holders, Wear on Our Way holders and when we advertise that your journey will take longer e.g. when using the Metro replacement bus service during planned modernisation work.

How to claim a refund

We aim to treat all refund claims with fairness. However, if you are not satisfied with the refund arrangements outlined you can appeal. We will consider individual claims on their merits.

Claiming a refund is easy, you can do this here

Claims must be made within 28 days of the delayed journey. You will need to provide a copy of your ticket or Pop card with your claim.

Refunds are paid via cheque, but cash refunds can be obtained at South Gosforth Control Centre. In line with the Consumer Rights Act 2015, if you have paid for your ticket by credit/debit card and Metro is at fault for a delayed journey of more than 15 minutes than advertised, if preferred, we will refund the cost of that single journey back to your credit/debit card.

Ticket machine refunds

If you lose money in a ticket machine because it fails to issue you a ticket and you then purchase a second ticket from another machine, or if the machine fails to give the correct change or if you purchase a ticket in error you can claim a refund.  Please email customerrelations@nexus.org.uk or call 0191 20 20 747.

The above does not affect your statutory rights including any rights you may have under the Consumer Rights Act 2015.


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