'Behind the scenes' film looks at escalator replacement project

escalator at monument station
14 January 2013

Nexus has made a short film giving a ‘behind the scenes’ look at its major project to replace escalators at Central and Monument stations.

Each escalator takes several months to replace as part of the £385m Metro: all change modernisation programme, with the whole project lasting into 2013. A total of eight new escalators are being installed with the work scheduled for completion in March 2013.

Passengers may be left wondering what is going on behind the hoardings, and why escalators are out of use for so long.

The film includes Nexus project managers describing the work being done – with each old escalator being taken out piece by piece through the cramped service space beneath the shaft, before a new one can be installed in its place.

They also explain how much wear and tear the old escalators have seen over 30 years service.

The film also describes improved features on the new escalators including better lighting and energy-efficient running.

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