Children’s rainbow drawings bring a symbol of hope to local transport hubs during lockdown

Area Controller Harry Hall with the rainbow art work at Park Lane Interchange
30 April 2020

Children’s drawings depicting rainbows – the national symbol of hope in the lockdown – are on display at Park Lane and Gateshead transport interchanges to show solidarity with NHS workers fighting the pandemic.

The colourful display was started by Nexus staffer Harry Hall, an Area Controller at the Park Lane interchange, who placed a rainbow drawing he received from his seven-year-old grandson in one of the windows.

This inspired customers and other members of staff to leave their children’s pictures there as well.

Children’s rainbow drawings are also on display in the window of the Nexus TravelShop at Gateshead Interchange.

Harry, 62, of Seaham, said: “The rainbow means a great deal to workers at this time of crisis and it’s given everyone a much-needed morale boost.

“My grandson, Ryan, lives down in Jersey and he sent me his drawing and I decided to put it up in the window of the waiting room next to the coach stand. The rainbow is what gives us all the sense of hope that one day we will get back to normal.

“After Ryan’s drawing went in we got more people leaving their pictures under the door for us. We had our own staff and cleaning staff sending them in from their children too. It’s really snowballed, and we’ve got almost 40 drawings up on display. It’s absolutely fantastic.”

Customer Services Director, Huw Lewis, said: “The rainbow is the symbol of hope for all key workers at this time of national emergency, so to have them on display at some of our transport interchanges is a real tonic for all key workers. It gives us hope that better days to lie ahead once we’ve beaten coronavirus.

“These drawings are a precious thing for us to share and I can't say thank you enough to the people who have taken the time - and had the thoughtfulness – to do them for us.”

Around 30 to 40 rainbow drawings are up in the waiting room window where passengers would ordinarily go to catch a National Express or National Holidays coach trip.

The rainbow has been adopted as a symbol by people across the UK who want to show their support with NHS staff fighting against Covid-19.

The rainbow trend was reportedly started by a nurse who wanted to create “a sign of hope” for patients and staff in hospitals across the country.

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