Coveted MasterChef apron is just the ticket for Metro worker Graham Myers

Graham Myers
15 July 2020

A Nexus worker has been rewarded with a coveted MasterChef apron ten years after appearing on the popular TV show.

Graham Myers, a quarterfinalist in 2009, starred on the programme at a time when the iconic aprons weren’t given to contestants as a prize for getting through the first round.

In more recent series that has changed, and the MasterChef apron has become highly sought-after.

A fellow foodie of Graham’s, Greg Lackey, who appeared on BBC MasterChef in 2014, had an apron specially made for Graham as a thank you present for all his hard work promoting home cooking during lockdown.

Graham has joined with a host of MasterChef alumni to serve up mouth-watering recipes and culinary advice for home cooks. Their Facebook group – ‘Let’s get the nation cooking again’ – has attracted thousands of followers and widespread media coverage.

Graham, 57, of Forest Hall in North Tyneside, said: “It’s an amazing gesture and it came as a lovely surprise. I can now wear my MasterChef apron with great pride.

“When I was on the show you just handed the apron back in at the end of each day’s filming. I never got to keep the one that I wore all through the heats and into my quarterfinal. It was a shame.

“The BBC producers have changed the format over the last few years and the apron is now so highly sought after. It’s like being in a bit of an exclusive club.

“I had no idea that some of my fellow contestants were doing this for me. It all came out of the blue when I arrived home from work and there was a parcel waiting for me. This actually means more to me than my time on the show. I can’t thank them enough for this.”

Graham, a Training Officer for Metro operator Nexus, already runs his own Facebook page – Grammy’s Kitchen – where he showcases his recipes.

He also played a big part in the set up the MasterChef group which has helped people to cook during the lockdown period. He has contributed daily recipes and videos and the site has over 5,000 likes. Click here to view.

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